Cane, cane and more cane

We had a fun vitrigraph cane pull last week.  I finally got around to chopping, photographing and listing

melon-fruit-pull  Untitled-1

Then I played around with a couple of mixed bag options … I like it!  I’ll be listing a few in our shop, so keep an eye out!


our-cane-7-17Our coe90 cane selection is growing, and I love it.  I have a few more color ideas I want to play with … But – tonight we’re doing our first coe96 pull.  Yay!!!  And, playing with frit in the pot.  It’s heating up now, so we’ll see!  [Fingers crossed!]


I’ve been slumping some projects along, too.  Our poppy plates turned out neat.  And, I love this ring dish …


Speaking of weekends killing me – thought I was gonna implode this last weekend.  Coworkers … Good golly!  ‘Nough said!!! 

Moving on … As promised – a couple photos of adorable, squishy faced love!

blue girltawny boy

Happy 4th of July, Ya’ll!!!


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