Birthdays, Card Making & EPIC

Wrapped up all of my mandatory nurse classes last week, YAY!  Got through the weekend shifts, and heard such bizarre complaints, I can’t even mention them… My goodness, but folks are losing coping skills by the bucket-loads! Moving on …

On Tuesday, DH and I made nachos, making the chips (cut tortillas) in the air fryer.  They’re good.  bavarian-cream-hand-piesNot as good as actual frying, but the time saved and healthier benefits outweigh the frying.  And they taste much better than store bought chips!  After dinner, I made Bavarian cream hand pies (photo).  Not bad!  I have a hankering for lemon curd pies next …

I’m in card making mode.  I made DH a birthday card, and I’m working on a ‘welcome baby’ card.

sharkey-card baby-card

I also pulled out my alcohol inks to make a few backgrounds.  So much fun and I love the results!



DH turned 53 this week.  We went out for a nice, low key dinner.  I’ll be making (grilled) swai and veggie foil packets tomorrow when we celebrate with some of the kids.

This afternoon I started playing with my Daniel Smith half pan watercolors.  I hope to stamp a few images on watercolor paper to have on hand …


This weekend starts pup watch for our Giorgana (Georgie).  So I’ll have some down time in the nursery next week.  This weekend is also the EPIC launch at work (should be a fun, stress-free weekend!?)  So, yeah Georgie puppies and a new computer charting system at work … should make for an EPIC WEEKEND! Smile

I’ll leave with a quick photo of our Josie.  She just keeps growing those wrinkles – my beautiful, silly girl! 


Stay sane, Y’all!!!

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