Can’t Keep a Good Gal Down …

So  – quite a lot has happened since my last post.  None of which is glass or card making related …

Shortly after my post last week, Miss Chloe Cowbella started vomiting …chloe-cowbell All NIGHT.  She would (on her own) drink water, wait 2-3 hours and vomit it all back up.  Wait a few minutes and do it again.  Drink, vomit, rinse, repeat… Until 7AM when DH took her to our local vet.  Initial blood work showed she was sick (WBC 21k).  X-rays showed fluid in her lungs and an abnormal abdominal x-ray.  [We were told a possible ruptured stomach … Wait, what???]  She would need 24 hour vet care, possibly an oxygen tent – more than our local vet could provide … I spent Thursday sobbing – deep, ugly tears – while holding Ro and praying to baby Jesus.

Turns out Chloe was hiding pyometra from her last heat cycle ~6 wks ago, and somewhere through the vomiting and vet visit, she had ruptured her uterus.  Fast forward through an emergency surgery with hysterectomy, one LONG week (with daily calls to the incredibly patient vet techs for updates), and my Bunk-Ditty-Bunk-a-Boo is on the mend.  We visited last night.  She has a drain in her abdomen, so we aren’t allowed to bring her home just yet (even though as a nurse, I’ve cared for JP drains before, and as a patient – I’ve had one …), but hopefully within the next 24-48 hours.


She’s eating and drinking, she’s successfully switched over to oral medications … It’s just that drain.  But she was happy to see us.  And, I was over-the-moon thrilled to see her!  Nope – can’t keep a good woman down! Winking smile  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

chloe-drain2     Bunk-Ditty-smiling

Next up – day walker hours for the dreaded yearly nursing competencies (Ugghhhh!), and bringing our Bunk home!!!  Then we can rejoin our regularly scheduled programs!  HUGS!!!


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