Cooler weather …

Time to get out of the pool and back into the swing of things!  DH got a bit ahead of himself … and bought a boat.  I have to say, though – I like the view from inside the pond (boat)!


I stamped a few card fronts, ready for coloring.  But, decided I needed those Clean Color Zig markers … Thank you Amazon Prime!


autumn-salad-my-picWe made our take on the Autumn Salad – with black rice, honey goat cheese, basil and drizzled with  blood-orange vinaigrette dressing.  I liked it.  Not enough to make again, but … DH ate it, but he didn’t love it.  Hmmm …. We paired it with pan fried Pollock, which was yummy.


And, after a REALLY long hiatus, we are prepping for some vitrigraph pulls.  FINALLY!  New murrini coming soon!  I just have to get through a weekend of ER nursing fun, first …sept-vit-pulls

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