So this just happened…

Somewhere along the way, DH decided to enlarge the dried up baby pond we have in our backyard.  Sure, I said – thinking to myself, “yeah, someday …”

Nope.  That excavator spent a week at my house, and ‘A Boy With His Toy’ got busy.  Turns out what I had envisioned vs. what time, his skill set and heavy, sloppy wet pond muck had in mind weren’t aligned … But, I’m sure I’ll like it once everything settles and looks a touch more natural/normal.


I played a bit in the studio, making wine bottle ornaments by the dozens, as well as adding to my spoon rest stock.  I also continue to grow and organize my stamp and die collection … One of these days, I’ll give the studio a much-needed cleaning/decluttering and make a few cards …


In the meantime, we play with puppies!  The bulldog babies will be having cherry-eye surgery soon, so I’ll go back to showing them off, too.  But here are some of our Neo pups – too darn cute!

     hanna4wks herc4wk 4wkhera

creamy-tomato-parmesan-linguineAnd, I’ve been surfing Pinterest again.  We tried a new take on ‘spaghetti’ with this recipe [not my photo], but skipped the peas and prosciutto for turkey sausage, spinach and zucchini.  It was okay.  I like having additional ways to add to my own sauce (the pureed plum tomatoes), but … it doesn’t replace my spaghetti recipe.

Next up, we’ll be trying Autumn Salad.  [Again, not my photo.]  I’ve already received the honey goat cheese and black rice, just waiting for the blood orange olive oil to arrive.  DH is a wee-bit nervous … Smile


Now to prepare for 24 hours of ER nursing fun!  Have a safe & happy weekend, ya’ll!

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