Oh My Goodness – It’s been a while …

I’m not dead … YET!  It’s just been an absolutely INSANE few weeks!

Lets recap: 

  • ghanaThe twins turned 21 … SAGE WORDS:  Life doesn’t get any easier as they age – Just Sayin’!  I’ve got a kid in Ghana RIGHT NOW!  It’s too long of a story to get into, but let’s all just say a prayer for Baby Girl [PLEASE]!!!
  • DH and I quietly celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss …
  • The bulldog crew is growing and strong!  {Lots of photos below!}
  • 2wkmale We had puppies … 9 beautiful Mastino babies.  Almost 3 weeks of pup-watch later … Mom & pups are doing great!  (One of our boys … More photos to come!!!)
  • I had a nursing eval … [I don’t want to talk about it! …] The good news – I’m still employed!  Winking smile
  • I survived another A.M. nursing competency class [ACLS re-cert] … Yep, I remain certified … GAH!  [I  H.A.T.E. morning classes!!!  Why can’t an institution that accepts S.W.S.D. NOT RECOGNIZE the fact that they are messing with their shift workers?!?]
  • I’ve been busting out some custom glass requests … The studio is back up and COOKING!!  [Photos of a couple of those requests}

!request-night-light request-wine-bottles

  • I made a few cards, as I continue to gather card-making supplies … Look at those INKS!!! … And – some cards!


  • We have enjoyed a few SUNSHINE DAYS … and had some Swamp Juice to go with it … (It used to be a sangria recipe, but like many things … it has EVOLVED!!!)

summer-fun-2018 swamp-juice-2018

  • Which means I can accept the current 2-legged offspring status; Having passed my early morning competency HELL, I remain unimpressed by my work evaluation and/or management/education; I  love my four-legged crew … Life is GOOD!
  • And … DH and I have started talking about a 5–7 year plan … New home/new studio plans are being hashed-out as I type … DOH!!!  [No photos yet – as this will take YEARS to gain approval with the construction crew!  But, if I get half of what I’m shooting for – it will be AMAZING!!! Winking smile]
  • Now that I can breathe again, I promise not to wait another 3 weeks to share …


piggymom-n-daughterBD-familychloe-in-a-box bulldog-puppies

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