Sunshine & Puppies …

It doesn’t get much better for this old gal!

Our Neo pups have moved on to their new homes, which is bittersweet.  My bulldog posse have opened their eyes and found their VOICES!  Here are a couple of group photos:



And Clyde – profile and posing!

clyde2wkprofile   clyde2wks

I made a few cards, sent out some glass packages and played in the kitchen. 

awesome-card thanks-cards flowerbdaycard_thumb.jpg

My dinner photos weren’t very good, but we made Baked Chicken Spinach Provolone (my menfolk approved, thank you Sara!) and Bacon & provolone wrapped grilled shrimp kabobs (always a hit!) this week, in between plenty of salads!  [No recipe for the shrimp, but it is exactly as named.]

These Baked Spinach Provolone Chicken Breasts are Low Carb and so delicious. So simple to make, just butterfly the chicken breasts, add spinach, and provolone cheese. Then just wrap it and bake it! |

DH and I had a couple of pool days (YAY!) and the DNA kits arrived for Chloe’s gang.  As they are rare colors, the DNA testing is a must.  Next up, 24 hours of ER nursing fun!

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