It’s Time to Make the Donuts …

time-to-make-the-donutscranky-chloeMotherhood isn’t always easy … But poor Chloe is doing great!  And her piglets are growing and thriving.  While the Cowbell loves her babies very much, she let me know with a look or two this week that it’s not all bonbons and roses.  My sweet thing!

The pups, who are 10 days old, are keeping all of us busy.  DH, our son and I take turns keeping a watchful eye on Momma and the litter.

 happy-clyde 1wk-chloe-pups bullys-1-wkchloe-pups1wk

I’ve kept the menfolk well fed this week, too.  With Spinach Artichoke Ravioli (thanks again, Farah!), Swedish meatballs, chicken cream cheese braid and lots of salads for warm summer days – they are happy.


I started a few cards and played with die cuts … I also managed to squeeze in a couple of custom glass orders (no photo).

polka-dot-cards   circle-die-cut-focal

And wrapped up the week with a pool day! (Yay!)   While Rotunda isn’t as interested in the water as her sister, she loved sunning on the deck.  And Chloe had her first 2018 float in the pool …

Ro-meets-pool 2018ChloePool

Ro does love to play with our 7 wk old Neapolitan Mastiff pup, Phoebe. phoebe7-wks

Off for a weekend of ER nursing fun.  Time for this momma to make the donuts … Winking smile

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