Another vit pull … and stuff

We tried a pink/purple pull this week.  Good results, I think!


I’ve been restocking spoon rests – along with some new designs – 8 prepped for the kiln.  Also catching up on night lights [no photo], along with a couple of Easter bunnies … They are adorable and I had fun making them!

3-17-spoonrests bunny-night-lights

I’ve been tinkering with rearranging/organizing and cleaning the studio.  I finally utilized my coe90 sheet storage.  As a predominantly coe96 girl, I didn’t realize I had that much … DOH!


Next up, making more patties/pendants to play with some of our murrini.  And, a few other project ideas …

Meanwhile, DH did it again … He decided to get Ceasar’s ears done.  Poor boy!  He is running into everything with that dumb satellite-antenna ring on his head!  He has mastered eating while wearing it, though!


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