So, it takes a while …

I’m 3 days into it, but WOW!  There is an actual studio under all of this!!!  I’m thinking [hoping, praying … BEGGING!] one more day ought to do it.  We’ll see …

A few days ago, a fusing group on Facebook started posting studio-selfies, I mean videos – way cooler than selfies!  [BTW – thank you L.Duncan!]   Which was the motivation I needed to find/reclaim my studio – clear away the clutter and layers of glass dust/grime, sort, organize and sanitize.  And, since I have a head cold, my cleaning-frenzy is producing all snorts of sneezes and coughing jags, clearing out the respiratory tract of evil/wicked viral … STUFF!  Go pulmonary toileting!  [Yes, there is lots of tissue-usage and hand-washing going on too!]

So, once my studio shines again, I will post a link to my FB video … And, start melting glass again!

In the meantime, I wrapped up a few pieces for the boutique before I got all virally-loaded:


2016-06-0714.56.34_resized snap-keychain snap-hamsa

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