Finally …

(S)he sleeps.  Or, I slept … in the non-Pretty-Woman version of the tale.he-sleeps  But, ya know, it’s still a happy ending.  Crashing for 14 hours after a week long bout of insomnia, with 4 hour ‘cat naps’ in between several undesired periods of 24 hours of wakefulness.  Apparently, I was testing something in my system.  My ability to maintain calm, composure and/or customer-service with hormonal twins or cranky ER patients, maybe???  I’m not sure, as I was too sleep deprived to think it all the way through.  Winking smile

Anyway, I’m rested.  I was up in time to see the twins off to their first day of school.  (I can do “smiling 6am” if I’m well rested – who knew?)  I have been catching up on emails, working on listings for the shops (a sampling below), and I have my (almost) annual hair appointment coming up.  [The joys of accepting unruly curly hair – it doesn’t need regular ‘trimmings’ like normal hair.]  Oops – time to go …

DSC00461a-037 DSC00461a-064-(1) DSC00461a-006-(1)

DSC00461a-041 DSC00132 DSC00461a-025-(1)

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