Make-overs, additions and appointments … jeesh

The family room make over is done!  We splurged with super thick carpet and I absolutely love it!  And, ya know – it only took 10 years to get the fire place in there!  [Heavy sigh …]


3-14-yorkie-babiesWe have Yorkie babies too.  Three little ‘doberman mice’ joined our crew.  So far all are doing well, as we adjust to life on the outside.  Here’s a quick pic of two of the baby furballs …

I’ve gotten a few listings put together for the shop.  Only about 40 more to do yet … [hanging head]

DSC08410 DSC08342 DSC08363

The warm weather is coming … I know it!  So, I’m shaking off this cabin fever – just in time for a weeks worth of appointments.  S’Okay.  I’m also bottling 3 carboys worth of wine this week (ummm – that’s 90 bottles!!!) … I can handle anything!  Winking smile

And, I’ll leave with this week’s chainmaille.  A bracelet from pattern called ‘battenburg lace’ and a rondo/byzantine bracelet (and earrings).  I like them …


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