Happy Birthday Little Ones …

Monet (NayNay) had her babies this morning … such tiny little things, but with strong lungs!  Smile  We have 4 more ‘Doberman Mice’ in the house today, 2 boys and 2 girls.  And, they’re all latching on and nursing well – a huge relief with Yorkie pups …  Monet – a first time mom, is also doing great.  What an awesome thing instincts are …


 Monet's baby NayNay baby Monet's little man

It’s amazing to me to see these little ones … and then our older group (Tunie’s babies).  While they don’t even begin to compare to the rapid growth and development of Neo pups … they really have grown quite a bit in the last (almost) 5 wks.


We will have Yorkie pups running amuck and underfoot in no time at all!  Smile 

While NayNay was nesting, I ran my de-bubbling program.  I’ll have more work to do on the large fall blank, as it didn’t flow evenly … but I should be able to fix this in the next de-bubble run.  The rest of the blanks flowed nicely … I think the ‘Shades of Amber’ will be stunning once slumped. 

Debubbling run My Fall bowl blank Shades of Amber

I’m wondering if my scale is off … I’ve had several blanks come up short (not completely round).  I seem to be struggling between too-short and too thick blanks more frequently … hmmmm??? DSC08503

While the kilns were cookin’, I’ve been working on a mirror project I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.  I saw this mirror in an upscale artsy catalog years ago, realized what it was made of and nearly choked on the $200+ price tag.  So – armed with pop cans and trauma shears, we’ve been hacking up little pieces of aluminum … I’ll post a photo once mine is complete. 

DSC08513 DSC08515

Time to go feed puppies, Yorkies and kids …

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