2017 Goes Out with a Bang!

I got home from work Sunday morning (12/31/17) to find my studio furnace had died, literally exploding within itself.  Fortunately, the damage 2017-Christmaswas to the furnace only.  My studio was a brisk 49 degrees, and the water lines didn’t freeze.   Goodbye 2017 and goodbye furnace.

As we roll into the 2nd day of 2018,  I survived my nursing weekend, DH is installing the new furnace, and I slept well and thoroughly through 1/1/18 (some 15+ hours of sleep).

Moving on to photos … Our Christmas 2017 part 1:  We had a merry Christmas!  Part 2 is scheduled for February …

Chloe & Ro are best-of-buds/sisters:


I completed a custom ANT ornament, and continue to have interest and sales in our online shop.  Thank you!


And, I have a houseful of the cutest pups ever!


I look forward to what adventures 2018 will bring!  Happy New Year!!!


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