Happy …

A good week in the studio as I prepare for our show.  T-3 weeks, but no panicking!

I’m playing with powders and stencils, crackle and scrap glass – all while my spoon rests and ‘tea bowls’ are coming together nicely.  I’ve cut for another 12 spoon rests, and I’m working on some mid-sized bowls/plates … Next week I’ll restock our ornaments …

POF-peacock-feathers stencil-funbowl-and-platter show-prepspoonrests-10-27-16

I also tried a new recipe from SpendWithPennies – which did cause a moment’s panic … I don’t buy V8 juice (celery allergy) … So, as I was cooking the meat/onions while running through the rest of the ingredient list … Doh!  Deep breath … I made my own vegetable juice.  We’re calling it V7 as I was improvising:  Pureed kale, spinach, iceberg lettuce, beets, carrots, diced tomato and apple cider … Not bad!  And the whole family loves the Cabbage Roll Soup!

cabbage roll soup

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