Finally producing …

I’m a busy little bee today, finally getting projects moved along while starting a few more!

Here are my ‘tie-dye paws’ – which will be 4-5 inch dishes once done.  Love them!!!


And some of my sandblasted ornament/sun catchers.  (The wine has those freeze-n-fuse grapes from a few months ago; as the daughter of a die-hard Star Wars fan, I’m always on the look out for ideas, and New York – well, just because …)


My October batch of night lights, which are currently slumping …


I’m moving on to some spoon rests (16 in the works), so continuing on with the tie-dye and wine theme; and a crazy safari idea.  As we’re prepping for our show, I ordered a few new display items, and promptly filled them up with my penDots … ❤


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