Not sure if I’m coming or going …

Jeez Louise, my sleep schedule is a mess right now!  Seems I’m embracing this menopausal-nuttiness.  In between 10 hour slumbers, combined with a few blocks of no energy, I’m waking up after 3-5 hours, somewhere around  4am – wide awake and ready to DO STUFF.  I tried to self-correct by pushing through an 18 hour day, only to crash at 8pm, wake up at 3 am, Do Stuff … and now I have to nap, so that I can work 12 hour night shifts … DOH!  Circadian-rhythm-what?!?

Moving on … I’m in a cab craze.   The mica cabs didn’t work out, and in retrospect, at the high temps I take the cabs through … they wouldn’t. [Duh!]  But, the enamel with crushed glass, hot glass and frit … There’s definitely some playing to do there!  So – here are the photos: Cabs from my last post, close-ups; Cabs pre-fire and post, back in the kiln for another round right now; Today’s cabs waiting for their turn in the kiln:





Meanwhile, I’m assisting DH with our 3 season (hot tub) room.  After years of putting up and taking down temporary walls, we are finally making it pretty, and official!  Our house has rocks and boulders all around, so we are incorporating some on the back side with a faux cobblestone finish.  I love it!  We’ll be doing something fancy to those unsightly 6×6 posts, as well as wrapping that huge beam and adding soffit to the overhang … Gorgeous! [No really, it will be! Smile]


3-season-room   great-color-layoutDH---slave-labor     hot-tub-wall-take-6

Next week, in between messing with my sleep schedule for some day-walker competencies, I’ll be working on some nightlights, spoon rests and tea bowls … I can’t wait!!!  But first – I have to try another bout of this sleeping thing again … wish me luck!

good luck

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