Hot off the press …

I’ve put my insomnia to good use.  Maybe.  I think.  I opened another E-store.  This one is on my Facebook page … AND – since I don’t have to pay any extra fees, neither do you!  So, lower prices.  Plus I’m offering my necklaces there before listing them anywhere else.  Since it’s a trial run, I’m starting with just a few (10) items … Let’s see how it goes.

Here’s the link: Clayton Hill Studio Store  And a few necklaces to entice – maybe …


BTW – only 105 days until Christmas.  For all you early-birds – that’s just 3 months away!  In love

Now – it is time to sleep!  SOMEONE  needs to clean this studio, catch up on a bit of laundry and figure out what will be for dinner!

3 Comments on “Hot off the press …”

  1. The link to your restore did not work from my tablet. Tried a couple of times. What platform are you using for your th store? Now t h at I am living way north, I’m contemplating if this is an avenue I need to look at. Thanks, Bridget


    • Bridget,
      Hi. It’s Ecwid. It’s free for 10 items. It’s pretty straight forward from a listing point of view. I like that it utilizes paypal (comfort level for me).
      The downside (thanks for letting me know, BTW) is the mobile devices. I have a link for non-apple products on the page now … but it’s just not going to work for Apple users. Will have to redirect them off FB entirely … and even then, I’m not sure. (I’m a PC/Android girl …)


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