Clayton Hill Studio

Summer Lovin’ …

DH surprised me tonight by suggesting a vit pull.  Aww … Thanks, babe!  So – we did.  It’s Bullseye aqua, teal, steel blue, emerald green, powder blue, warm white and clear.  I’m happy with the results!


cat-dog-enamel-spoon-restsAnd then, I stole a few hours for enamel projects … I love the cat & dog spoon rests.  We’ll see what the kiln makes out of the ring dishes (especially the Día de Muertos Mr. & Mrs. on the far right) … I also cut up one of my crackle poppy components, added a strip of coordinating tapestry glass, and stamped a poppy image for reverse enameling … Oh my!  So many areas to go wrong.  [Fingers crossed!]  Time to get a kiln or two going!

more-stamped-ring-dishes    poppy-plate

Leaving with a quick photo of our Victor, who took a minute to pose as he soaked up some rays while eyeing his domain … Handsome Boy!  Cute puppy pics to come, and I’m hoping for a bit of pool time soon!


Happy Father’s Day

lemon-soapSo, my dad and grandpa got Amazon-love … Umm, without cards!  What’s up with that???  Where are the ‘gift notes’ Amazon?!? [Horrible daughter/grand-daughter hangs head in shame …]

DH bought himself a gift (a pneumatic tire changer-thingy), along with my father’s day gift (an XT glass tile saw – thanks, Babe!), and his own (surprise) Amazon gifts … along with this:  [Alas, also no card … I’m awful!!!]

Yep … it’s four bottles of hand soap.  Ummm … home-made hand soap!!!  It’s soft for the skin … And, DH LOVES it!!! Here’s the pinterest link for anyone that wants to give it a try …

And, just because I know he needed it … I ordered this shirt for him.  Awww … Winking smile  It’s at, if you know someone that needs one too!

perfect wife living the dream

Off to work I go for 24 hours of ER nursing fun!  Have a happy Father’s day, y’all!!!

T.G.I Summer!!!

Chloe-meets-poolFinally – some Michigan sunshine!  Chloe met the big pool.  We even tried getting her in, to float on a raft … Based on the flailing and wrestling match to get her back on the deck, I’d say she didn’t like it.  So, she has her own wading pool on the deck … which she loves.  

chicken-saladAnd then we made dinner … an impromptu chicken salad: (shredded chicken, carrots & parmesan cheese, pepper, chives, sautéed mushrooms, diced water chestnuts & pickle, a touch of mayo), on a lightly toasted sandwich.  It was good!

Of course, we played with puppies … Some of them are starting to open their eyes! Smile  As we roll into next week, we’ll start the always entertaining (and MESSY) process of introducing them to gruel!


And, then I painted a bit in the studio … Love them!  So, now it’s time to see what the kiln does with them … Fingers crossed!  

stamped-enamel-firing    reverse-enamel-dishes-step3enamel---my-favorite

Happy Summer!!!

CowBell & the Baboon Aszzz …

Chloe got through her first heat.  Good golly it was painful!  I needed to take pseudo-affected ibuprofen through-out the whole ordeal!   So, let’s just describe the hot-mess, horror story with her rear end swelling to a situation x300 % base-line, combined with irritated, raw-looking redness, and my own ovaries and hormones screaming in sympathetic protest!  So hideously swollen, I ended up buying special ‘panties’ for the girl.  Yep, $30 and some velcro-magic later ~ and it was all under wraps!  Cuz, really … Who wants to see that level of discomfort???  OK … here you go(!), but I warned you! … It. Is. SCARY!!!baboon aszzz

I Know… I KNOW(!!!) … You Cannot UNSEE THAT!!!  Well, there ya go!  The pain and trauma I’ve been going through during Chloe’s first ‘cycle’.  [I never said this was a family-friendly/SFW site …]  But, Chloe is coming back from the dark-side.  Parts are retracting, sh*t is shrinking, and body-image is almost back to plump-girl-norms … I have a PTSD appointment.  And, CowBell is once again chasing Yorkie-sisters and snoring like a COPD/WWF –champ!

So, I made a few stamped ring-dishes tonight … My therapist approved!  Glass = Good Therapy!  Winking smile


Wow … I’m not sure I can take any more of these ‘cycles’ … But here she is, all back to her normal, goofy-self!  My sweet Chloe CowBell …


***PS – I’m pretty sure IT was strobing/pulsating ‘911’ or ‘S.O.S.’ in it’s hay-day … Just sayin’…

Life in our zoo …

RE-lion-llamaI played a bit in the studio tonight … Working on more reverse enameling projects.  I have a lion (or llama – you decide) spoon rest, an elephant ring dish, and two stamped plates in-the-works.  I hope to combine reverse-enameling with crackle glass on the plates … We’ll see …


I also fire-polished my tile cabs … Now to drill holes, attach bails and or wire-wrap!


And – a quick pic of one of our pups … one week old and full of cuteness!


Staying Busy …

Pretty busy week here at Clayton Hill … Our Tubby had babies on Monday!  Strong, healthy tawny and blue pups … and Mom!  All are doing great!  Miss Tubitha likes her some food, she does!  Which is a blessing – as she likes my cooking (calories), along with kibble and puppy food!  Just look at all that squishy-faced LOVE … OMG’osh!!!


So, while I’m taking my turn at pup watch, I plotted out pendants from my murrini blanks.  I luv them! [Not pictured playing, but here she is  – and please, don’t worry … Chloe is loving her playtime with Ceasar and Victor.  She will get to meet the babies when they’re bigger!]


blanksMeanwhile, the studio is not silent – I’m making up spoon rest and dish blanks by the kiln-load!  Our next vitrigraph pull will just napa cabbage salad - NMPhave to wait …

But – we did sneak out during a Mom-&-Pup nap, to get the garden tilled and ready for planting … LATER.   Finally – to keep us all fed on-the-quick … I made up a double batch of cabbage crack (Napa Cabbage Salad – minus the bell pepper)!  DH is promising grilled chicken and (our own) asparagus later today!  [HAPPY]


Clean Studio = Tired, But HAPPY!

Spent a couple of days this week cleaning up/organizing my haven, uhh STUDIO!  Good golly, pink-pullit’s been a while.  But she’s all back together – I can find stuff, AND I have open spaces to work!  What a cool idea!!!

DH and I had our pink cane pull.  While it didn’t do what I thought … it’s growing on me.  We used the long, slow ramp-up, like we did with our red cane to make sure the colors stayed true.  (So, it was a 5-6 hour vit pull …)

I also made my murrini/component tiles.  That’s our ‘product’ in there.  I know- such a silly thing, but it makes me happy!  Now that I’m certain our murrine works without issue, I’ve listed a few colors for others to try.  Check it our in our shop or on Facebook … Next week, I hope to start mapping out cabs on the tiles for jewerly – we’ll see.


And, with a few days worth of 3-kilns running – I have our reverse enamel projects slumped and done.  I’m happy, and DH says ‘They’re Great!’  [Wow! …]  Along with a several new night lights slumped, waiting for assembly…

RE-glass---happy   night-lights-5-17

Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun(!) and pup watch – as our Tubby is going to be a Momma!


Fingers Crossed …

My back is on fire, but I have three kilns running, jewelry tiles cooking and a new product line just about ready to go … Fingers crossed that my kilns behave!

pink-turq-stackMy studio is a disaster, but – ya know … I was CREATING!  It’s all good.  Here’s what I’ve got:

Our next couple of vitrigraph cane stacks cut and ready to go … Hopefully we’ll start pulling tomorrow!

The coffin kiln is slumping spoon rests, night lights, ring dishes and a special Day of the Dead Pup!


I also have the baby kiln cooking with other night lights in new colors (no photo).  Meanwhile, I have a load of tiles cooking (and another load prepped) for some jewelry pieces – using our own murrini!

frit-tiles-5-17  frit-tiles

If all goes well with the kilns, we’ll be offering up coe90 murrini cane on FB and in our Etsy shop.  Just one more test run to make sure they’re all behaving … Stay tuned!  Winking smile


So, I’m going to crash for a bit while my kilns work their magic.  Next up – cleaning this studio!!!

More Reverse Enamel Trials …

The good news – I have my bubble squeeze program down pat!  Here are my latest spoon rests fired with white luminescent backing.  The bad news – I’m still having issues with color burn out, even while adding more venting …


So, I’m trying a different enamel.  Nothing like diving in, so here are more spoon rest trials and a plate …

more-RE-trials RE-plate-trial

I also determined a better outlining technique for me!  Squeeze bottles with needle tips – must appeal to the nurse in me – and it gives me better line control!  Now, I have a few ring dish and night light pieces waiting for their turn in the kiln.


And, to keep the family well fed, we tried this Stuffed Cabbage Casserole recipe – quick, easy and I love it!  We added diced tomatoes and a bit of cinnamon.  Here’s my photo:


Leaving with a quick picture of the Cowbell … she had a rough day playing in her pool and romping with the Neos this week, so she crashed hard!  Silly girl!


Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun …

Updates – and studio news …

Our cheap-man’s stromboli (chicken & mushrooms in crescent dough ‘braid’) from the other night is good … The family says it’s a [not-so-healthy] keeper-recipe …


Moving on, DH & I had our pull – the ‘feared’ red cane … It worked, and I love it!!! Smile


So, now I have my rainbow murrini (not all pictured here) … I have a few more must-do colors coming(!), before we will start on mixes …


While I wasn’t so pleased with our last ‘cartoon’ spoon rest – I like the idea!  Plus, I realize that I have enough enamels here to play with products and temperatures until we get what I’m shooting for … So, round 2 is in the kiln.  Here are a few more options/ideas I have in-the-works …


And, I’ve got another kiln up and firing with more night-light shades – because I love color!