Wowzers …

Couple of crummy cases at work, mixed in with some great patients and holiday-weekend volume left me feeling road-weary Monday morning … Just Wow!!!

So, I crashed hardetsy-calendar.  Spent a fair amount of energy plotting out my listings for the shop … Maybe I’m making it more complicated but … Wow!

Today, I took the time to take photos and create listings and sit at the computer until my eyes couldn’t focus … But, yeah (umm …WOW) – some cool stuff coming up!

20170418_132344  20170418_165400  20170418_16174020170414_072439 20170419_000457 20170418_142702

And then I played with puppies, while we weighed, wormed and documented our growth.  Awww … So, wowza – I’m a lucky girl!  Just look at those faces!!!


Hope to squeeze in a trip to my local glass supplier and a vit pull (or two???) … Winking smile

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Good, Fat & Happy!

A good appointment with our tax man means CHS gets to keep making cool stuff!  [Well, yeah, sure – AFTER a weekend of ER nursing fun!]

Our pups are growing by the minute!  Momma Xena is eating like a champ and her fat ‘lil piglets will be opening their eyes soon!


So, I’m happy!  Had a vit pull last night (after officially closing the books on ‘the books’) … Shooting for a white/purple, which I think we hit!  Now, I just need a green, gold and orange cane pull … Oh, and another cream/white and red pull.  Shoot – a blue cane would work nicely too!  Time to get busy!


And – I like my ‘impressionist’ poppies … Now to decide what to do with them.

crackle-poppies-fired crackle-poppies

I’m also working on a crackle/luminescent experiment.  Hmm … we’ll see. 


Overall, I’m a happy girl – and I’m going to take tonight off and enjoy it with DH and the gang!


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It’s not all tax prep …

While DH and I are pushing to meet the deadline, sifting through papers and tallying columns … we’ve done a few other things too.

I made a cute owl/crackle plate.  So now I have a poppy version in the works …


And we have pups … adorable squishy-faced love.  Xena loves her babies … Victor thinks they’re pretty cool too!



In between pup-sitting and working with numbers, I’m taking pictures (here’s one of our steam punk nightlights) …

steam punk night light

And, my pendants are all assembled!


Now, back to work!

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[Whine!] … It’s that time of year!

cloud-cabs-cut-3-29Glass Expo is this week.  Nope, I still can’t go.  Dangit!  So – I’m staying busy …

It’s been several weeks in the making, but I wanted to make some ‘cloud tiles’ … So, I did.  And, tonight I cut those beauties up into future pendants:


Here are the tiles going in, mapped out for cutting, and cut:

5-cloud-tiles   prep-cutting-tilescloud-cabs-cut

A couple close-up photos:

cloud-cabs2-3-29 cloud-cabs-3-29

Why it took me so long … or what to do when you can’t go to Expo (year 4):  I started gathering [stock-piling] STUFF:  Murrini and every grade of frit (and, um … I spared you the photo of stringers … we’ve started playing with making our own) …


It’s not all jewelry here though … I made a special request bird night light, too.  I like her!  And, I’m gathering supplies for another project or two …


Meanwhile, it is also TAX SEASON [Bum Bum Buhhhm!]!  So, DH says I have to stop playing and start ‘adulting’ … Grrr!

Through it all, Chloe is my napping watch-dog!  Winking smile


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Worker Bee … that’s me!

This week, anyway … We did our first murrini slab.  Hmmm … next time I’ll make a round one for a kiln drop (imagine custom pendant-style light shades – for my studio!).


components-3-18rust-brown-componentsAnd, I’m still making component parts for future tiles/jewelry:

I have a few ‘themed’ tiles in the works … rusty brown, ocean marina and purple cow!  

marina-components  purple-cow-components

Along with a couple of cloud tiles waiting for kiln time:


I prepped two vit stacks earlier this week – again working on color-scheme ideas.

oceans-stack    beige-stack

And we pulled the beige stack … I like it! Smile


All while my coffin kiln is slumping night lights, tea dishes and spoon rests (- here is a quick look at 700 degrees and cooling) …


Next up – some quality kitchen time for a batch of potato soup!

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I Caused a Stir …

I didn’t mean to – I was just asking questions on a chat board –  talking out loud, working through the process … But stuff got weird (picture THE most opinionated gathering of ER and  ICU nurses – ‘sharing ideas’ … Oh YEAH – this glass group has got nothing on them!  DOH!)  Half way through the flying posts, I looked over at Chloe … This was her take on all the shenanigans!  (She is compact, rotund and WISE beyond her years MONTHS!)


So, giving up on any sage advice – I started playing with our murrini … My first slab.  It’s up next for the kiln!

first-murrine-slab2 first-murrine-slab

I stumbled on a quick crockpot recipe.  So, you have to like mushrooms … but, if you do?!?  Oh My Goodness … YUM!  (Recipe specifies within the comments ‘one ounce of ranch mix and UNSALTED butter’ … which I did.)  DH wants these served at every meal!  Smile  [*Not my photo]

ranch mushrooms

And, leaving with a quick pic of the Princess Cowbell … who remains unimpressed!  The ‘Lil Snot!!! Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!


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Still tinkering and cleaning …

I’m playing with a few color combinations for component pieces to use in future pendants.  Some great colors, some … not so much.  We are using stringers that we’re pulling from our vitrigraph kiln.  I love that!

more-components-3-17 new-components-3-17

And, I’m putting together a couple of tiles … just waiting on a few more jars of frit to arrive.  DOH!!!  (But that’s [mostly] our murrini in those future patties!)  Smile

new-tiles-3-17 red-tile-3-17

We tried the black & white vitrigraph pull again last night, this time using some recommended colors (french vanilla and midnight blue) … Better!


Since I have an order of frit jars to accommodate – I’m still cleaning/organizing the studio.  And, talking with DH about building an addition (to the man-cave and my studio)!  Uh Oh … Winking smile

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