Fingers Crossed …

My back is on fire, but I have three kilns running, jewelry tiles cooking and a new product line just about ready to go … Fingers crossed that my kilns behave!

pink-turq-stackMy studio is a disaster, but – ya know … I was CREATING!  It’s all good.  Here’s what I’ve got:

Our next couple of vitrigraph cane stacks cut and ready to go … Hopefully we’ll start pulling tomorrow!

The coffin kiln is slumping spoon rests, night lights, ring dishes and a special Day of the Dead Pup!


I also have the baby kiln cooking with other night lights in new colors (no photo).  Meanwhile, I have a load of tiles cooking (and another load prepped) for some jewelry pieces – using our own murrini!

frit-tiles-5-17  frit-tiles

If all goes well with the kilns, we’ll be offering up coe90 murrini cane on FB and in our Etsy shop.  Just one more test run to make sure they’re all behaving … Stay tuned!  Winking smile


So, I’m going to crash for a bit while my kilns work their magic.  Next up – cleaning this studio!!!

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More Reverse Enamel Trials …

The good news – I have my bubble squeeze program down pat!  Here are my latest spoon rests fired with white luminescent backing.  The bad news – I’m still having issues with color burn out, even while adding more venting …


So, I’m trying a different enamel.  Nothing like diving in, so here are more spoon rest trials and a plate …

more-RE-trials RE-plate-trial

I also determined a better outlining technique for me!  Squeeze bottles with needle tips – must appeal to the nurse in me – and it gives me better line control!  Now, I have a few ring dish and night light pieces waiting for their turn in the kiln.


And, to keep the family well fed, we tried this Stuffed Cabbage Casserole recipe – quick, easy and I love it!  We added diced tomatoes and a bit of cinnamon.  Here’s my photo:


Leaving with a quick picture of the Cowbell … she had a rough day playing in her pool and romping with the Neos this week, so she crashed hard!  Silly girl!


Next up, a weekend of ER nursing fun …

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Updates – and studio news …

Our cheap-man’s stromboli (chicken & mushrooms in crescent dough ‘braid’) from the other night is good … The family says it’s a [not-so-healthy] keeper-recipe …


Moving on, DH & I had our pull – the ‘feared’ red cane … It worked, and I love it!!! Smile


So, now I have my rainbow murrini (not all pictured here) … I have a few more must-do colors coming(!), before we will start on mixes …


While I wasn’t so pleased with our last ‘cartoon’ spoon rest – I like the idea!  Plus, I realize that I have enough enamels here to play with products and temperatures until we get what I’m shooting for … So, round 2 is in the kiln.  Here are a few more options/ideas I have in-the-works …


And, I’ve got another kiln up and firing with more night-light shades – because I love color!


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Interesting …

A pre-fire/post-fire comparison:  Of course, I could try to play off the changes, like some post-diagnostic STD slides … But, no – I tried to follow guide-lines.  My layers were not so thick that they caused cracking … Apparently, FM-HF peach, yellow and red get some deep level V-D ‘spots’ … Who knew?!?  I’m glad I only fired the one – as the ‘test’ piece …


Because, NOW I have the ‘mandala-ALA-MANIA’ to fire … yep, a few issues with line-thickness there … But – maybe … throw in some abnormal-like STD spots, accept a certain level of bipolar-ness … and I have a master piece!?!


Either way – I head back to work today … so, dinner will be a chicken/mushroom version of this recipe  – minus broccoli (allergy) + mushrooms (DH loves them!) …

chicken braid

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Moo Goo Gai Pan & Studio Work …

Like much of my cooking, what started out as a small meal turned into enough to feed an army (squad – at least!) … I had a hankering for some stir-fry veggies, stumbled on this Moo Goo Gai Pan recipe (DH loves the name!), altered a bit with spices and veggie selection … Here’s my photo:


Now, back in the studio.  We had another murrine/cane pull from the vitrigraph kiln … My goal is to create the 6 rainbow colors (which means I still need to pull a red pot), and then move into color-combinations … My cane collection is definitely growing!

orange-pulllast-4-pullssuggested-red-pull  our-cane-5-17

I’m still making component parts for more color themed tiles … I love the last photo – dripping stringer art … Smile


I wrapped up my mica donut pendants …


And, I’ve been playing with reverse enamel glass painting … I’m starting to get slightly better control of my line thickness.  Now to fire a few of these to move to the next step … Time to get busy!



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Donuts, stacks, cane & squishy faces …

IT-donut-pendantsLife is good!  I finished up a few new pendants … I like them!  The mica base is colorful and fun … Plus – I have 6 more in the works!  

Meanwhile, I continue with my murrini/cane madness … We did our green pull tonight.  I’ve got our next few stacks cut and ready to go, too.  I’m covering all of the colors of the rainbow – which means I need to work my way through a red stack – and successfully fire that sucker without making yards of ‘mud-cane’ … Fingers crossed!


Here’s a picture of our recent murrine/cane pulls, in a beautiful mosaic photo presentation!  Winking smile


And, top it all off – I have squishy-faced beauties full of puppy-breath to keep me smiling!!  The babies are 4 wks old now – they are so much fun to play with and snuggle!


Next up – grocery shopping (Ugggh!) and reverse enamel painting (YAY!!)!

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This week in review …

I’m prepping photos for reverse enamel painting, as all of my supplies have arrived!  Here is Ceasar and an older photo of ‘The Mongrels” ready to try:

ceasar-enamel    mongrel-enamel-image

We had our blue (navy) vit pull – I like the results.  Tonight we’ll be trying a yellow/gold pull … so yeah, I’m shooting for maize and blue murrini!  Winking smile


Had dinner with the high school girls.  Always a good time catching up(!), and I almost feel bad for the people sitting around us … Oh, the stories we tell! 

I cut circles!  18 of them … turned them into round black discs, so that I can make donut pendants.  Here is the first trial with a mica coating on top.  She’s in the kiln now, so … we’ll see!


I also have night lights and spoon rests in the works, along with some component pieces for jewelry tiles.  But that will be next week.  Time to get back to that vit pull … Have a great weekend!

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