That time of year …

glass-bulbsBut first – here are some of the bulbs I made in the glass blowing class with my sister.  taxes-22We had a great time, and now we’re looking at other classes to take.

It is THAT time of year, so tax prep is well underway.  I’m hoping we can pull them together within the next 2-3 days.  Maybe, sure …

seed-bookIt’s also seed-starting time … So, I busted out my big ‘book of seeds’ and got a few trays going.  So far so good!

seed-starts-22 seedlings

I continue to play with cards as we’re looking at the various farmers markets in our area.  Meanwhile, DH is making beautiful pottery (photos to come).

april-cards-2 april-cards1

I hope to have some cute Thumper baby bunny photos for you next time.  And, it looks like Princess Buttercup might be having a few, too.  Hugs Y’all!

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