Another Update and Welcoming 2022 …

Oh my goodness, 2021 went out with a bang!  There is a big work story that I’m not quite ready to share, but we can cover Christmas, food/recipes, clay studio, other life stories and cute photos.  So – here we go …

candied-pecansPrepping for Christmas 2021, DH and I opted for more-than-not homemade gifts.  So, we gave cards, candied pecans, tubs of chex mix and plants in our pots (along with a few store bought items).  Do my kids appreciate it?  Probably not.  But it makes me feel good.

cards   pots-with-plants

xmas-2020Our Christmas morning: The chicken feather plucker is mine and DH received a 10 piece set of pots and pans that he had wanted for some time. 

And our gift from the twins … Meet Roz the chameleon!  She is presently staying with the twins as we have a bit too much going on right now with all of our other animals.  But she’s cute – in her lizardly way …

Roz     monsters-inc-roz

pasta-makerWe have eaten well, as I uncovered our Kitchenaid pasta maker and grinder attachments.  So we made pasta (with a mushroom/herb sauce – no photo) and then we ground some beef for burgers (I’ll make pretzel buns to go with) …

making-pasta pasta grinding-beef

killer-mac-and-cheeseWe also have a huge pan (9×13) of KILLER Mac & Cheese.  It’s made with 5 cheeses (although I may have added more) and because we couldn’t find the cheeses in the recipe, we improvised with others (gouda, swiss, colby jack, muenster, parmesan, mozerella, along with whatever other cheeses I may have had in our fridge).  It is AMAZING, although NOT heart healthy.  Here is a link to the recipe, if you’re interested:

And – our most recent meal, Crispy Oven Roasted Garlic Chicken – from one of our backyard (SKOS) chickens.  It was pretty great!  Link to recipe:

our-chicken      crispy-garlic-chicken

dichroic-glass-cup-holderWe’ve also been playing in the studio and deep cleaning just about every room and space we have.  Here’s what we have going on in the pottery studio …

A fused glass cup holder/pencil-cup I uncovered from when the kilns were in the house.  I’m playing with clay shapes to add to our coffee mugs, using silicone molds and cookie cutters that we have.  And lastly, our most recent glazing ready for the kiln (trial 2).  Baby steps!!!


DH-the-modelI mentioned deep cleaning … well, one of those jobs was cleaning out our closets, where DH stumbled on this crazy leather jacket (seriously hideous) and felt compelled to model it, so I took a few photos.  I’d say he’s (NOT QUITE) ready for the runway/modeling career!  Winking smile

winter-eggsOur Ladies (the chickens) are NOT laying in their nesting boxes, which makes me think a couple of things … 1) Too cold or 2) They are BRATS!  But, either way, we store the extra straw (for the outdoor run) in their coop.  Here is where they are laying eggs now.  Even Miss Hannigan started to lay again (green eggs), so I’ll take it.  In the meantime, we have wrapped the outer portion of their run with wind barriers, making it very nice and toasty (or at least breeze-free).  Happy Ladies, happy eggs, happy Chicken-Mom!  Smile

And lastlly, a photo of Miss Chloe CowBell.  Just like a kid, give them all the toys they could want and what do they play with?  THE BOX!!!  Cute little snot!


Happy New Year and HUGS, y’all!

2 Comments on “Another Update and Welcoming 2022 …”

  1. You are so amazing and so incredibly talented!! I cannot believe all that you do!! That pasta looks delicious!

    God has great plans for you, Kris – there’s just no doubt!! 😘

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