Not perfect … not even close

But then, I never claimed to be … I do strive to be a good person.  And I’m a tough-love kind of mom.  With all of my years in the ER – witnessing trauma, tragedy and poor-choice outcomes – how can I not be?  I parent this way because I have my kids’ best FUTURE interests at heart.  Not today’s fleeting fancy or impulse – but end-game, adult success.  My style/parenting decisions are frequently not popular with my children.  I also have a meddling, unstable Evil-Biologic that continuesbrokenheart to mess with my offspring.  This latest saga has our oldest son – who’s spent the last few months doing as he chooses under her roof, and now – experiencing jail and facing criminal charges.

And it’s killing me … That’s MY boy!  My BABY  being allowed to cater to his every hormonal or poorly thought-out whim.  Making choices now that could very well have long standing consequences on his life, success and overall happiness.  And, I’m still the bad guy in his eyes through all of this.  WTH???

So it’s time for more tough love – for me and you, son.  I love you – always have and always will.  I continue to wish for the best for you and hope that you find your way through this thing called life in a content, meaningful way (and remember, you were raised WAY better than THIS)!  Now, please excuse me while I go cry for a bit …

2 Comments on “Not perfect … not even close”

  1. Wow, my heart goes out to you as a woman and a mother. I’m in a book study called Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and several of the moms are going through significant heart-aches, but we are learning so much from the study and one another. I just want you to know that you are not alone.


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