Chainmail and glass …

four-winds-agate-earringsMeans I’m one happy girl.  I broke down on Monday and purchased an instant download tutorial for a weave that I’ve liked but couldn’t quite figure out (felt like I needed 3 more sets of hands to complete).  And now, I am a Four Winds mailing fool!  Here are some earrings (with stainless steel, copper and agate).

And a bracelet I’m working on (stainless steel and anodized aluminum).  Plus, a quick pic of a shaggy loops bracelet in peacock (glass fringe beads) colors:

four-winds-weave-bracelet-i shaggy-bracelet

Speaking of anodized aluminum … DH recently said he wants to get some equipment to do just that – SWEET!  I guess there is a man-application for coloring metals … Who knew?  Winking smile

I’ve also spent a few productive hours in the studio.  I have spoon rests going through the final slumping phases (photo of 2 completed).  AND … I have my coffin loaded with stage one of a few more spoon rests, bowls (including my sister’s special request cobalt stringer bowl) and a night light.  [Fingers crossed for happy kiln Gods!]

new-spoonrests-april april-14-coffin-load

I’m not talking about the snow.  Nope.  But, on the plus side, the crazy weather seems to have put a kibosh to the (Sandhill) Crane WARS going on in the field by our house.  Yep, must be mating season.  Those brown flamingos sure are loud!  (Photo credit R.Reznick)

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And now to PARTAY!!!

OK, umm – so maybe not with champagne, but … It’s over for another 364 days, WAHOO!!!


And, look at what I made today.  It’s  a chainmail pinecone.  Cuz – I can!!!  And … it is “4 out of 5 intermediate advanced” on the difficulty scale …(?) Watch me go!  wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


Then I made this.  I like it!


And, we took some pictures.  Look at that face!  Such a handsome guy and huge at 2.5 weeks old … the little Porker!


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How to prepare?

A box of tissues or bottle of champagne???  Off we go to the tax man to see if we win or lose.  Fingers crossed! guillotine-tax-game

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Heigh Hoooooo

It’s back to work I go!  I’ll let you know later which of the dwarfs I am/was over the weekend …

dwarf marching

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Please read all instructions carefully …

instructionsThis means you, doofus!  Or, more specifically, ME!  I am currently the [not so] proud owner of about 5 pounds of seed potato pearls in every possible size from 3.5mm-5mm.  All because I figured those instructions I’d printed out were for the more challenged of my creative  counterparts … NOPE!  At one point, I had DH ‘helping’ with man tools, drill bits and metal files.  We had a vise and forceps out.  We destroyed a pearl and mutilated a silver finding.   I ordered additional supplies from multiple companies.  The whole time I had the instructions – with the magical answer sitting right in front of me for weeks … DOH!  Lesson learned – the hard way … and, ya know – I love my new bracelet.  (So much so, I think I’ll make about 10 of them …)


new-glassesMaybe things will be better (or I’ll be more inclined to read) now that I have these.  Personally, I think they look better on Lola (my model), but I see better when I wear them, so … (Getting old ain’t for wimps!)


Now, back to taxes …


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Finally … Thank you – I needed that!

What a beautiful day!  And – I spent time in the studio.  Just doesn’t get much better than that!  While I still don’t have water (DH says it’s frozen somewhere in the ground … NOT great news) – I had fun in the studio!

I spent some time at the saw, and have requested spoon rests ready for the next level.


I had some success with a custom request pendant.  I’ve tried getting this image onto a cab about 3 different ways.  Today, I finally had good luck with screen printing/accu-art!  Yahoo!


And, my head is spinning with other things I want to make.  But for now, I’m weeding/working on future Michigan-specific and dichro jewelry.

michigan-jewelry   dichro-jewelry

When I get back to mailling – this is what I’m working on (Zig Zag byzantine bracelet).  But, the next few days are dedicated to Tax Season 2013 … Heavy Sigh!


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Cabin Fever?

We have so many great things going on right now, and yet:

We have puppies (and they’re so stinkin’ cute)! 


And a houseful of mood swings/raging hormones – thanks to twin teenagers …


I’m finally growing skin/healing! Yay!!! 

And, it’s tax season …

Sales receipts tax season1 tax-stress

I’ve made some new bracelets, learned new patterns! 

half-persian-and-box-chain-  jens-pind-square-chainmaille


And, if my husband gives me that look one more time, I might just change MY name to Johnny …


Yep, it might be cabin fever.  I hear it’s going to be 57 degrees this weekend.  Tough to believe when I was watching it snow earlier …

winter won't leave

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