Researching–so it’s been a while …

But, I do finally have some new glass to show off:   Etched, slumped bottles … I like them!


And, somewhere along the way, I got the crazy notion that I would like to love-on a miniature pig, so … I’m researching, have a couple of books coming and I’m scouring the ‘net.  How can you NOT love that face?!?  Lots to learn yet, but I have her name picked out if/when we find her:  Chloe … aww!

juliana piglet

Photo credit:

I managed a couple of pool days (Thank you, Michigan!), in between long slumbers (7-14 hours … I know, right?  My insomnia is taking a nap!  I love it!!!)  And, I ‘wrapped up’ a few more kumi bracelets.

kumi-bracelets-august     my-kumi-bracelets

Meanwhile, all four-legged loveys are doing well.  Our Neo pups are starting to play; and my Yorkie pups have graduated to their next nursery area (a multi-step process to eventually prepare them for walking amongst human feet) … Awww!!!

tawny pupblue pup 4 wkstawny girl


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And then there was work …

Yep – I’ll be heading back to my ‘Day Job’ (ummm … I’m a night-shift ER nurse) tomorrow.  No more vacation.  But – I’ve had a pretty great time!

My ‘Christmas-in-the-Summer’ load is just about ready!  A few more ornaments and I’ll have a full (coffin) kiln.  Plus, I’ve got some other projects in the works … Three kilns running!  Yay!!


doberman-mouseWe have puppies … and puppies … and soon-to-be-MORE puppies!!!  My Yorkie, Monet (Nay Nay) had two baby girls earlier this week!

And, our Blondie had her pups on Thursday.  So, our nurseries are full and I am one happy surrogate-Mom!  All of my (four legged) Moms and pups are doing great … and DH (and Zeus and Chauncey!) are passing out cigars!  clayton-hillZeus2(OK, Zeus may be focusing more on sweet potato jerky treats, but you get the gist …)Calla-Lily

And, our Calla-Lily will be having a doberman-mouse or two of her own (all Yorkshire-Terrier-style), within the next week or so … 

While watching over my crew, I finished my recent kumi bracelet project and am now gathering supplies for a ‘fashionable evening’ necklace … [Photos to come …]


It was a GREAT Staycation … full of good food, good family time, four-legged joy and overcoming my kiln-fears.  Next up … 25 ‘Official Years’ and 3 decades with [my high-school-sweet-heart …] DH!  I’d say I want something special ~ but my girls have already seen to that!  (Feeling blessed!!!)


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Christmas in July/August, Pup Watch and Oh …

Did I mention – I’M ON VACATION!  And – have you seen that MOON?   While we aren’t traveling anywhere – so it’s a working vacation – still, I’m HAPPY!  (THAT MOON!!!  Whew!  SOO glad I’m not in the ER right now …) I’m splitting time working on fused glass Christmas ornaments with Kumihimo, playing with Mica, making part sheets (photos to come), while I watch over my ‘camp’ and crew, and spend a bit of time enjoying the Michigan sunshine while marinating in the pool!   20150802_224008_resizedlatest kumi braceletmica on glass The garden is producing (we have PURPLE beans this year, oh la la!).  Our soon-to-be momma, Blondie is uncomfortable and close.  We’re sneaking in calcium supplements with chicken, yogurt and cheese as often as she’ll let us … The twins are gearing up to take their senior photos.  And DH is working on my (mid-life-crisis?) car.  It’s a Triumph convertible.  He bought it about 18+ months ago.  I didn’t ask for it, but now I can kinda picture running around town with it … Hmmmm.  (Not my photos, but this is what she’ll look like:)

triumph-color     triumph-dash-restoredfat-chick-in-convertible

DH also managed to hardwire my studio computer internet connection (some 300 feet from the house)!  No more finicky wi-fi router.  Yay!!!  So, Netflix plays in the background … I’ve watched Blue Bloods, Crossing Lines and now I’m working on House of Cards … All in all, I’m loving my vacation!  I may also be waiting on a few internet purchases … DOH!

PS:  Happy 23rd Birthday, Baby Girl!

Baby Girl

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All it took was Central Air …

Oh Yeah!  The BRAT strikes again.  DH – and licensed friend – are plumbing the studio for AC.  In honor of the soon-to-be COOL temps, I finally have a kiln running (the baby kiln for small jewelry pieces).  And I used my new work table.  Sure, I’m still sitting here in the studio – making certain nothing catches fire … But it’s a start!


In between, I’m playing with chainmaille: Scherzo with mood beads and tiny (3mm) peacock niobium wire Barrel bracelets.  I have an idea for some earrings too, but will need to bust out my tumbler first … (more to come)

scherzo-mood-bead-bracelet    barrel-weave-bracelet

I’m also prepping for my next kumi necklace:


Add to it all – three more days of Michigan sunshine/pool-time, and I am one happy girl!  Next up … more glass projects!


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Birthday Twins

birthday-twinsThe twins turned 18 years old yesterday.  Yep, the BABIES!  While I realize as a parent, my job is never really over – and, the twins still have their senior year of high school to navigate … But, can I just say – HOT DIGGITY DOG!  I win!!!  No one is pregnant, in jail, on drugs … they’re all healthy, smart, beautiful ADULTS!!!  Winking smile  Happy Birthday to my babies!

It was a laid-back kind of week (lots of sunshine/pool time).  The pups are moving on to their new homes, with a few more flying out later today.  New extended family in KS, FL, NY, IL and Canada …


The only ‘studio’ thing I got accomplished this week was a bit more cleaning/organizing, and this kumi necklace.


So, feeling a little lazy, a little sad, and … CONTENT!  Smile  Now to prepare for a weekend of fun-filled ER nursing …


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Cleaning and procrastinating …

DH is helping me get back to glass … He built a new work station with MEGA frit storage.  Awww – check it out!  (Not quite done … but close enough for photos!).  The other end has larger cubbies to store all of my enamels!  SWEET!!!  Thanks, Honey!



So, while I haven’t fired up the kilns just yet, I am cleaning the studio (in between some other projects).  I’ve also organized my chainmail supplies, which means I stumbled on a forgotten project (Elemental Chain by CWilson) with 3mm (umm, TINY)  Crystaletts:


I eased into the bracelet, by working a smaller version pendant:


I also pulled out supplies to work on a beaded bracelet, crystals and pearls … pretty.  It gives my hands a break from forcing stainless steel into shape (… I’m sporting chain maille blisters).  Ouch!

beaded-bracelet-WIP   chainmail-blister-hands

The best news (beyond a cleaner studio … I KNOW, right??) … Friday is a pool/sun day!  Woohoo!!!


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My experience with the 3-Week-CRUD …

Holy Cow!  I am coming out the rainbow-unicorn-end of the URI CRUD that has been plaguing my county forEVER!   I have a new appreciation for anyone that has a headache – or any pain – that ibuprofen cannot conquer (or at least TOUCH!) … My saving grace?  I take diphenhydramine (Benadryl) just about every day.  Thus, I am 28 hours out from brain-death-CRUD … alive to annoy another day … and well rested after my latest 12+ hour coma (sleep), so my version of the crud lasted about 5 days. (Super-nurse powers …)

Moving a bit slower, but finally getting my week started … I have photos.  First up, Kumihimo: My ‘Fall Flowers’ bracelet, Picasso bracelet and a kumi-fish … because I can!


clayton-hill-kumihimo     beaded-fish

And squishy-faced babies, who are now 6 wks old, so much fun and full of puppy-breath:

neo pup 6 wkssexy and I know itcant catch meblue pup 6 wks

I’ll leave with some beautiful pictures DH caught with his phone:

my-lilac-bush-catches-butte barn-photo our-skyline

WWU – the Fourth of July weekend was not too bad (I think … I was suffering from brain-liquefying head pain) … Only one legal-blood-draw, no fire-work injuries, and a parasitic bug (tick) removal that I recall … so not bad.

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