Countdown …

Work in the studio continues, with the understanding that I will not come anywhere close to the projects I wanted to try/complete.  That’s ok … I’ll still make myself nutty for this up-coming show, but maybe not ‘top-shelf nutty’. (???)  Here’s what I have to show today: Quick-but-cute donut necklace; my 11×14 canvas prints ready for hanging; our next mirror frame, made with recycled glass (‘scraps’ from other projects).

fused glass neckalce   donut pendantClayton Hill Studio canvas prints   fused glass mirror - WIP

I’m also looking forward to finishing up our (little) show season so that I can devote a bit of time to some other outlets:  My hands are itching to knit something; I have some new bead/glass jewelry ideas bouncing around; and I am finally ready to look at my enameling gear and play with copper/fire! (pendant by Pam East) PamEast Meanwhile, the pups are doing great.  Eyes aren’t open yet, so you’ll just have to take my word (photos next week).  The kids are doing well, flipping between angels and hormonal heathens as only teenagers can do.  I continue my love-hate relationship with sleep.  Right now I seem to be stuck in an all-or-nothing phase (12+ hours of ‘power crashing’ in between days and days of 2-4 meager hours of tossing and turning) … Oh, the joys of being … 29!!! insomnia

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Nothing to do but plow through …

Lots going on …

I turned 29 (again! … A few more of these birthdays, and I’ll be able to skip straight to social security); we had puppies(!!!); got through a weekend (work) tour with a particularly tough case; and we continue to prepare for our next show …  Oh,  I slept for 17 hours (at one time) this week!  [Gone is my pathetic, wimpy URI virus(!) – along with the need for anymore sleep, apparently …]

Photos:  Puppies! (Yay!!! Mom and pups are doing awesome!); nutcracker soldier ornaments; working on displays and canvas signs to ‘spruce up’ our booth; tonight’s new focal (pendant) waiting for kiln-time; a personal reminder regarding this past weekend – I might just need to make something out of glass with this …

pups 11-14

nutcracker-soldier-ornament   canvas-sign-3canvas-jewelry-signs canvas-sign jewelry-dress-form focal-design


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Never enough hours – and yet …

I’m relieved all the same.  I make myself nutty with these craft/art shows.  I know I do.  “They” say identifying the problem is half the battle.  It’s not true … I’m still nutty!  (But I knew that going in, so …)

We’re working a show (that DH signed us up for) in … well, T-5 hours.  [DH will be manning it alone for a bit, I’ll be there after a WEE nap …]  We’re all set up (thank goodness)!  And, I managed to add a few new items … (Therein lies the ‘Make Me Crazy’ part – you should see the list of things I had hoped to accomplish – UNBELIEVABLE!)  [BTW - we're at Brighton Spirit Centre today, 11-1-14, 10a-4p]

Photos … My new sign (putting Pinterest to good use – and, I am in love with ‘chalk markers’!); Our set up; My new night light display (thanks honey … I’ve wanted one FOREVER!);


booth-3-11-1-14 pinterest-sign-ideabooth-2-11-1-14 booth-11-1-14

  new-night-light-display     nite-lite-display-on

A couple new ornaments completed (plus I’m currently working on 4 additional designs – cut and in various stages of readiness … GO ‘Arts & Greens’!); A couple framed glass pieces; And - a new twist (for us) on the slumped bottles that we’ll have at this show (once I get there): Recycled hangers – for jewelry, coats, kitchens … whatever.  I love them!  With the different knobs (beach glass, bottle glass and fused glass) – I’m having so much fun with them!!!

CHS-new-ornament-soldier    new-snowman-ornaments-CHS-2painted-iris        framed-butterflyrecycled-hangers

It certainly hasn’t all been successes.  I’m not talking about the slumping fiasco (… Nope.  Can’t make me!) … But, I try to make lemonade out of lemons whenever possible [and every now and then it actually works, too!  Winking smile] …

tempermental-molds    lemonade

I soo have to get to bed.  (I shouldn’t be at this right now, but … well, whatever …)  DH is gonna snip at me [He’s been extra-special cranky lately - but that’s a post for some other time] … We made the deadline, I’m happy with the set up, so now all we need are some shoppers … It’s all good!  Smile  Happy Día de los Muertos  – Ya’ll …


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I’m still here …

half-of-bead-closetIt’s been forever, I know.  Busy mixed with a little funk, I guess.  Not so much going on in the kilns, but I did get all of my beading supplies moved from my ‘office’ to the studio.  This meant a lot of deep cleaning, reorganizing and stair climbing(!), but I like it …

I also managed to kill two cell phones in one week.  I know, right?  I have magic skillz!  To be fair,samsung-galaxy-s5-copper they were both older and DH is still the reigning champ of the most dead phones … Just sayin’!  We are now owners of the Samsung Galaxy s5 (love it!).   And – we left Verizon after 20+ years, as their customer service has become pathetically poor and our bill ridiculously high.   We’re giving Sprint a try for now …

We attended the Brighton Farmer’s Market, as well as Milford’s Ladies Night/market.  We did well, they were both great experiences in their own ways and we’re getting better at packing/unpacking the trailer.

farmers-market-2014    jewelry-display-2014

We’ll be doing a couple of inside shows this holiday season, too.  On Saturday, 11/1/14 we’ll be at the American Spirit Centre in Brighton.  I’m also happy to say we’ll be at the Arts and Greens Holiday Market again this year (11/22 and 11/23/14).

We celebrated a few birthdays (good family time sprinkled with some proud Mama moments) …  My grandpa is 90, our oldest daughter is [cough, cough] 22, our oldest son just turned 20 years old.  All are well and I now fully understand that time is flying by! 

Since I moved all the beads, I’m in a beading-mode.  I’ve been gathering ideas (for jewelry/wire-wrapping and chainmaille) like a loon (more projects than could EVER be accomplished in one lifetime, even if I didn’t have other hobbies or interests – let alone jobs/responsibilities) but, it’s what I seem to like to do … 


I’ve worked, caught up on mandatory competencies and attended annual meetings.  There are a ton of WWU stories, but I feel no amount of info ‘tweaking’ could prevent HIPPA-infringement in these cases … So, suffice it to say bizarre events continue to seek us out in the ER on the weekends.  (Not talking about ebola or enterovirus68 or any other viral outbreaks … NOPE!)

So … all caught up with work busy-work, my mind well saturated with beading ideas (time to let them boil and bubble), my lists of kiln projects made and prioritized –  I can now get back to producing in the studio … I hope.


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It’s a good thing I’m not panicking …

DH signed us up to participate in Brighton’s Harvest Fest Brighton Harvest Fest(market/art and craft show) … umm – this SATURDAY. (8am-3pm 9/27/14)  So, it’s a good thing I’m not stressing out, experiencing any sort of insomnia spike while I systematically search the internet (like some neurotic, jonesing sociopath with only one thing on her mind …) for more artistic booth displays.  Yeah.  I’ve decided to pretend I’m a mello, mary-jane-sort … while one of my many other self’s surfs the net, makes new ‘stuff’, packs and packages … and FREAKS OUT!

So if you aren’t doing anything this Saturday – come say HI, check out all our new glass – or wish John well as I will enjoy another 40+ hour day.  [I promise to be nice to all patrons, patients and customers.  Only legal life partners need to worry …]

But seriously – I’m excited.  Thus the insomnia.  And it’s a good ‘kick in the pants’ for the holiday season …

inkblot-display        displaysgetting-ready-for-show-ornaments         art-show-earrings

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Chuggin’ along …

While I feel like I’m barely moving, I am producing.  I’ve been taking pictures and working on listings (not my favorite) in between playing in the studio.  Here are some photos from today:

remember-angel-pendant  dragonfly-necklacedichro-necklace  fall-tree-necklace

And, while we wait to hear about this winter’s show schedule (I’ll let you know where we’ll be …), I’m working on ornaments and night lights for the holiday season …

new-santa-ornaments    new-nite-lites

All while we play (- both DH and I) with new pendant blanks – cuz we both love the torch!   I wish I had a photo of what he’s been working on – his ‘gift’ for me … We recently bought a (used) enclosed trailer.  DH has been cleaning her up and making her shine.  [7X14, black, single axle, ramp back door, side door.  He’s painting the interior walls, installing foam flooring, and diamond plate on areas of the lower exterior … We plan to install shelving and more lighting.  All for my ‘lil traveling glass shop … Awwww!  I’ll post a photo of her soon.  Promise!]


Meanwhile, I keep having this sense of ‘waiting for a shoe to drop’ … Maybe it’s why my insomnia has kicked up a notch.  I grew up with this feeling in my belly.  (Evil biologic.)  I don’t like it …  So, I hope to face it or be free of it soon!  Hormone surges???

Yuck!  To not leave on such a neurotic note … (NSFO/NSFK – content, but funny!!!) Check out this Amazon review.  If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for that special ‘Scrooge’ person on your list … Winking smile


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Hot off the press …

I’ve put my insomnia to good use.  Maybe.  I think.  I opened another E-store.  This one is on my Facebook page … AND – since I don’t have to pay any extra fees, neither do you!  So, lower prices.  Plus I’m offering my necklaces there before listing them anywhere else.  Since it’s a trial run, I’m starting with just a few (10) items … Let’s see how it goes.

Here’s the link: Clayton Hill Studio Store  And a few necklaces to entice – maybe …


BTW – only 105 days until Christmas.  For all you early-birds – that’s just 3 months away!  In love

Now – it is time to sleep!  SOMEONE  needs to clean this studio, catch up on a bit of laundry and figure out what will be for dinner!

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