Lovin’ It!


DH and I are making baby steps towards bringing the new studio computer on-line, so that we can lay to rest the seriously ill, old computer.  Umm, the new one has Windows 8.1.  I feel like a geriatric patient …“I don’t DO computers … or VCR’s … or digital watches.”  We WILL figure this SH*T out, dang it!  (Apparently NOT what I’m loving!)

In the meantime … I’m playing with the torch, running the kilns and assembling necklaces.  Have I mentioned I LOVE MY TORCH!?!  It’s true!


fern my-cab fleur

I’m also plugging away, (with the OLD, terminally ill computer –) working with digital decals.  Still doing my three color experiments.  Here is what recently came out of the kiln.  Next up – I will try actual photos, to see which color profile I prefer …

harley-expermients digital-peacock-feather-tri
 digital-mj august-digital-decals

Two kilns running every day, in between gaining our “I.T.-degree-by-fire”.  Add to all that ‘some’ kind of fun outing every day, and this wanna-be-Hermit is LOVING IT!!!  Seriously! Winking smile 

torch-cabs-ready   dragonfly-hot-shot-tiles

BTW – Spit an 8 month old, non-existent, DISSOLVABLE stitch.  My parts are getting happy again.  Still not loving God-like surgeons who do not LISTEN to their patients, but … I no longer feel like a jacked-up weather barometer.  So, ya know – it’s all good!  Smile

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Let me introduce you …

To the coolest tool ever!  And such a small investment.  After struggling for years, look at what I can do … Such small holes!  It’s called a Dremel Work Station, and mine cost about $40 (I love Amazon!).

drilling-small-jewelry-hole     dremel-work-station

So, I’ve been working on necklaces and cabs.  Lots of them!

torch-cabs-ready special-request-dichro-cabs glass-enamel-pendants

 flower-bouquet-cab  necklaces-2


Now to take individual photos, complete listings, and get to some other special requests!  In the meantime, my studio computer died last week.  So, I also need to get everything (programs, files, photos, etc.) moved over to the new one.  Fingers crossed that it all transfers smoothly!!! 

In between all that, we need to get the twins ready for ‘back to school’ and pups are starting to move on to their new homes … Aww!


No down time for the wicked weary … Winking smile


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Welcome to the Twilight Zone … would you like fries with that?

WWU:  ‘Twilight Zone’ Moon + Busy ER = Bizarre Patients.  What did you do during last night’s (86th) Super Moon?  Did you gaze upon it’s beauty and splendor?  Not me …

super moon

  • I ran my butt off …
  • I argued with educated a parent for several hours to convince inpatient admission was the best (and only) logical choice for his sick child …
  • I found a wandering intoxicant in the dirty utility, as the patient thought it was the bathroom.  [Picture a row of unprepared bedside commodes (= a toilet seat ‘open’ to the floor) and the tallest, largest, weirdest looking toilet-meets-short-funky-sink in a room with no toilet paper … Would you use it?  The female patient did …]

bedside commode without bucket   hopper-4   toilet-paper no

  • I was verbally assaulted by an irrational parent (not my patient) who was tired of waiting in a busy ER for her child’s non-emergent (heck, not even ‘urgent-care worthy’) complaint.  All because I was the idiot that asked, “Ma’am, can I help you?”
  • Did I mention I ran my butt off???

(Oh sure, I could keep going, but you get the gist …)

As a final note – to add to this weekend’s fun … my previously healed incision must be trying to spit a (non-existent) stitch.  I am acutely aware of every twitch, rub, jiggle and change in wind current that surrounds my ‘healthy’ mammary zone.  Mmhmmm … fun!

Time to get lost in the studio …


BTW – Happy Anniversary DH.  24 years of wedded bliss …

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Enamel and Torch Mania continues …

in bits and spurts.  I am having too much fun!  But, to be fair – I did work a 24 hour nursing tour, played with puppies, marinated in the pool, paid bills, touched base with my 22 year old birthday girl, and got a nap or two …


glass-pendant     glass-enamel-pendant

enamel-cabs1   close-up-enamel-cabsenamel-cabs3 enamel-cabs2 enamel-cabs-4

Now that I’ve shared my pictures and got two kilns fired up, it’s time for another nap.  My sister and I are going to hang with Grandpa later … Sure hope he tells her that he loves her.  Winking smile

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Because I’m Happy …

Yep – I have that song stuck in my head!  Guess who’s anniversary present came early???

Uh-huh!  This girl!  Look at what I made … on my first night!  “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!”


Gotta go … got stuff to burn!  I am one lucky bug! Thanks Honey!


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The mad scientist … ???

Or the Mad Hatter … or just plain crazy.  Whatever …  The experiments continue! 


I do love the day of the internet!  Much to the annoyance of DH (… and my accountant … and my bank account …).  Sooo much to learn!  I have [quite] a few different experimental pots brewing on the (bunsen) burners:  Marbling, crackle, webbing, oils, torching, enamels, powders.  OH MY!

So, my anniversary is coming up.  Umm – in two weeks.  TWENTY FOUR years of wedded BLISS.  DH already has my gifts picked out (and ordered – AND
IN THE MAIL …).  He’s such an AMAZING guy!  Rumor has it he is outfitting me with a whole torch set up – including some pretty sweet reduction frits …

But, in the meantime I’ll show you what I’ve been up to (… And, ready – set – go – PICTURES!!!):  First up – marbling:  Love it – absolutely gorgeous!!!  But it’s not translating well onto glass.  Hmmm …

marbling marbling-3 marbling-2

And then – because nothing goes to waste in the studio … Enamel + CMC + glass … equals BUBBLES!!! (Well, WTH …)

cmc-enamel-1 cmc-enamel-2 marbling-cmc-bubbles

But, we had some better outcomes too

oil-and-marbeling-exp   oil-enamel-irid-exp

And then we played with some (really old) ceramic underglaze (thanks Christa!)…

ceramic-underglazes   underglaze-exp

Somewhere in there we did a bit of pate de verre (cuz I have some big ideas …), and tinkered with our first trial of crackle/wafer glass.  Hmmm … More experiments are needed, I can tell …

pate-de-verre-lily-pads crackle1 crackle-fused

All leading to tonight … I had me some fun. They’re cooking in the kiln now [fingers crossed] … so we’ll see:

mad-scientist-experiments  7-30-close-up

oils  7-30-experiments-2  webbing

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to keep up with requests (more to come … Thank you everyone for your special requests!!!).  Right now, we have night lights:

requested-night-lights   request

And, while my Magnolia Rose will never  be replaced … my heart was just too empty.  Meet Nora – she is Maggie’s grand-daughter.  Nicknamed ‘My-Nora’, ‘Meh-Norr-Aahhhh’ (no, she’s not Jewish, but that’s not her fault), ‘Pumpkin-Face’, and ‘Norad, my Gonad’ (yeah, she doesn’t like that one either …).  She’s no “FattButt”, but she helps mend the ache – and laugh … Oh, she makes me laugh – that pretty, silly girl!


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Who says I can’t …

As I’ve been playing with glass enamels lately – and seeing how they work with oils vs. water mediums – I had the ‘opportunity’ to work with lavender and clove oil.  They sound pleasant, don’t they?  Or at least harmless and aromatic.  Ummm … NOT!  That clove oil stunk.  It stunk BAD.  Like air-out-the-studio-for-2-days-and-I-could-still-smell-it BAD!   So, I started researching – because the idea of using that clove oil again had me just a tad nauseous.  Why these stinky oils?  Why not something bland and boring, like vegetable oil?  Corn oil?  Maybe even peanut oil?  Tanning oil?  What about motor oil?  I couldn’t find ANY info.  So, I asked one of the fusing forums.  While no one addressed vegetable oils specifically, the thought was that the bland oils would be too flammable.  Hmmm.  Yeah, maybe … but that clove oil really stinks!  So – I tried the vegetable oil.  Not super thick, just enough to give the enamel some ‘character’.  Outside of the trapped air bubbles within the fused cab (USER ERROR!!!) … I like it!


In the meantime, I also discovered pine oil/squeegee oil/A8.  Which IS safe for fusing, and smells better.  (Not great, but tolerable.)


pine-oil-enamel  oil-enamel-2  oil-enamel-3

And, I’m moving along with my decal experiments.  These are three different color profile/printer settings (default, my specific profile and one I’m “not supposed to use”) … Mmhmm!  The next round of experiments are in the kiln now…


Time for a bit of sunshine -Note”Of relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.” Winking smile

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