So – It’s not all bad …

We met the tax-day deadline (umm, with 30+ hours to spare!)!  And, while Uncle Sam wasn’t so nice to us this year,  I don’t have to look for another job just yet. 

Meanwhile … DH was busy all day Monday when a major pipe thawed (AND busted) by the barn.  Fortunately, we caught it minutes after it happened – and –  he has ‘Man Tools’ …  Add a helpful nephew with healthy, young back muscles and problem solved!  [Yeah, so …our son was working all day, our daughter still has one functional hand, and I just worked an ER-nurse-SRO-weekend tour … Anyway – thank you Tyler!]  Here’s a lovely shot that shows off my newly renovated lawn – and removed, busted culprit.


The great news – they got it fixed.  THIS means I have running water in the studio again, as well as the house!  [Happy Dance!]  Which meant wrapping up the taxes was my job.  It only took 10 hours, and sleep is over-rated.

But, glass is good.  Running water is good.  And, if one is bummed about their financial situation, Blondie is always here to help … (Our Neapolitan Mastiff – who loves her some sweets, and won’t let a little thing like a deep jar get in her way …)  So, I’m sharing:

Now, all I have to do is attend an A.M. nursing competency class … in T-5 hours.  One more deadline, and the studio will be mine!

BTW – here is my sugar skull experiment.  It worked (sort of …), but I’d like to see a thicker frit layer.  And, the fact that I had to hand-cut the stencil defeats the purpose of my trial.   Hmm …


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So far, so good – and the experiment continues …

I’m waiting for my kiln to finish (6+ hours to go), but so far, my ‘speriment’ is working.  I doubt she’ll fuse all the way to what I’ve envisionded, but … maybe – because she’s fired face-down with Wissmach Luminescent … We’ll see.  It’s no replacement for No Days Wafer Sheet … but, it does keep me occupied while I can’t be in Vegas (at the glass expo). 


My plotter failed miserably on the film I used.  So, I cut this design by hand (HUGE drawback # 1!) …  I doubt the powder layer is deep enough – but, thus far the experiment  has worked. 

heat-n-bond-weed-experiment    20150410_001306

And, yesterday’s experiment DID burn clean … (Building Blocks!)


So, I keep plugging away in my studio!  T-5 Days … No pressure!!!Meanwhile … DH (umm, Nunke) says he heard ‘gurgling’ in the pipes.  I still have no running water in the studio, but SOMEONE says “it’s CLOSE!”

water bubbling from ground

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What to do when you can’t go to glass expo/Vegas …

Spring Cleaning … Also known as: What to do when you are avoiding grown-up responsibilities (although, I DID get my nursing competencies done … and – hey,  I have 6 [count THEM … S-I-X !!!] more DAYS until taxes are DUE! … It’s called procrastination, people – EMBRACE IT!!!) …

So … I can’t be at the once-a-year, show-off-all-the-new-bling/techniques-in-glass exposition.  I just CAN’T.  I have my family, work, dogs, my private-duty-patient … and an accountant.  They all say I can’t ‘hop-a-flight’  and be in WONDERLAND … !!!  So, instead – I WAS scouring the ‘net, searching for an illusive glass ‘trick’.  And, then – my internet went GONE!  No access!  None!!!  I don’t care how many times you reboot … YOU DON’T GET TO EXPLORE!

It’s all good … I found enough to experiment.  So, I spent a few hours watching over my kiln/studio – to make sure she didn’t CATCH ON FIRE … and experimented.  Turns out, I might be able to plot, frit and fuse … all with glass powders.  Maybe … Here’s the ‘speriment’ – at 600+ degrees:


Meanwhile:  When you can’t be in Vegas, you ‘spring-clean’ … kind-of.  OK, half-heartedly.  But, here are my shelves and drawers, all organized:

90-frit-2   90-glass-frit-jarsglass-sheets  molds

Also – when you can’t learn new techniques … you make ornaments.  ‘Christmas in Jul … April’ … AKA – filling custom-orders:  Santas – cuz I can!  (Last pic = Santas at 500+ degrees with hairspray burning off … Oops!)

custom-glass-order  Santas-in-Aprildog-ornaments  santas-cooking

And, lastly … when you can’t ‘splore the net’, can’t travel – AND have to make sure your studio doesn’t IGNITE … you drink wine.  Cuz – you made it, so you know it’s good!


At the end of my day, while I could do more experiments – I won’t right now.  I KNOW – the SILVER has arrived (!) … But, ya know – you can’t drink with a mask on your face(!), and this wine JUST won’t drink itself!  VIVA Las Vegas!!!


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Sad and Sweet …

I said goodbye to a great man this week.  Garner, my Sunday-school teacher passed. While I am happy for him, as he lived a full life and his body just couldn’t keep up with his amazing mind anymore … I am sad for all of us that he left behind.  He could dissect, rebuild and teach on hundreds of topics!  In honor of his tenacious, inventor spirit, I’ve been revisiting a few frustrated glass techniques lately.

capjackPlotting and Sandblasting:  Since the plotter and I seem to be in-sync again, I’ve been working with larger designs and different resist materials.  Turns out I can use a much more forgiving resist (Oramask 810) with success.  Weeding the images is so much easier than fighting the 12 mil, cumbersome film I had been using!  Here are tiles in Wissmach luminescent, pre-firing.  (Tried ‘regular’ vinyl with success too!)  


I don’t know if you can see it – but here are ‘waiting-for-weeding’, successfully cut 1200-node turtles, in 3 and 6 inches!  WOW!


Silver painting:  I’ve been scouring the ‘net, digging deeper and trying to grasp all available learning regarding this intriguing glass idea (– special thanks to a very talented artist in Edinburgh).  I stumbled on her post [link to her site and the photo that started my mad search].  I researched for hours and think I may have found what I’m looking for.  Just waiting for supplies to arrive, before I begin experimenting …

My private-duty charge (‘Lil Sis’) got her stitches out on Wednesday, and continues to heal.  She should be ready for a removable cast within the next couple of weeks, but here’s a quick-pic of her boo-boo hand, and she is gaining additional sensation to her last two fingers:


Next week I will tackle all adult responsibilities (like nurse-competency learning, endless paperwork and yearly appointments) … sadly.  But after that, I’m going to learn all I can about stannous chloride … sweet!

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The Man from … NUNKE

So, long story short … we still watch Swamp People here at Clayton Hill (… and we still haven’t done any gator-hunting, and we’re STILL big Landry fans!).  This week, DH (actually) said HE would like someone to call him Nunke (however, he is way TOO OLD to be getting any new nieces and nephews!) … So, I’m NOT to call him D.H. anymore … The Yorkies and I should call him NUNKE.   Sure, Babe – you got it! Landry-fan Meanwhile, my private-duty patient (youngest daughter) is healing well and is back in school!  [Thank YOU!!!]  She’s ‘graduated’ to a full cast, and showing no signs of infection.  [Baby steps!]

Still not too much going on in the studio.  I’m waiting for some glass supplies to arrive (powders and frits and chemical reactions – Oh MY!) … So, I played with the Graphtec CE5000 [vinyl plotter] today.  She and I are in-sync at the moment!  I was able to take (new) 4 inch stencils and turn them into less than 1.25 inch vinyl decals!  (I know, RIGHT?!?)  That balloon needs more micro-weeding yet, but WOW!  So far, so good!  Since I still don’t have running water in the studio(!), I can take my time with ‘weeding’ (removing non-essential vinyl) … stencils-to-vinyl bottling-exerciseAnd, so – to stay busy … D.H. Nunke and I did my version of exercisebottling-wine tonight.  Yep, it’s BOTTLING TIME here on the homestead.  Thirty brand new bottles of Cherry Pinot Noir.  Sure, it’s exercise … those GRAVITY-fed (lots of deep-knee-bending) BOTTLES don’t CORK themselves … picture a red-neck rowing-machine!  Winking smile  Next up (stage one fermentation) is the batch of ‘Skinny Wine’! bottles-and-wine-making Lastly (- to ensure there is never a dull moment!), I managed to break a crown last week.  Have I mentioned my ever-growing odontophobia???  I’m still trying to figure out if it’s time to dig out my big-girl-panties or just pull a WILSON!!!  I have time … tom-hanks-wilson

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WWU … My Poor Baby!

My youngest daughter came to visit me at work this weekend.  hurt-babyNot exactly in a manner I would have hoped for … but I was able to help care for her AND be her Mom.  She got hurt at her job*.  Multiple x-rays, stitches and one long microscopic surgery later, and my private-duty patient (and precious hormonal cargo) is on the mend … A special THANKS to my work family for letting me play both roles.   Little Sister has a bit of a journey on the nerve-healing/physical-therapy road ahead, but so far she’s been amazing and I am one proud Momma-Nurse.   [*Who knew waitressing could be that treacherous!]

So, while I promised not to post a photo of her … I don’t think she’ll mind a quick pic of her boo-boo arm pre-surgery.  She is currently napping in a medicated-haze, and all of her requested comfort-foods are nearby.

With all this excitement going on … my studio is quiet (but thawing), while fused glass ideas are flowing (yet – still without water)! bubbling ideas

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That is how the ER Nurse do …

It’s that time of year again.  Time to take online classes, complete re-certs and attend meetings.  [I’m so glad I am making more wine!]  One such class is the NRP.  A great class, but it has me thinking about all the steps involved with officially delivering a baby in the Emergency Department.  There are about 100+ things to remember to mimic the way of the OB staff … way too many for a Keep It Simple/Stupid ER nurse. 

These thoughts had me whining at dinner tonight, and ending with my opening line above:  “Just catch the baby and make sure he/she is breathing … that is how the ER nurse do,” a la True Facts/Ze Frank style.  If you haven’t seen any of them, here is the Star Nosed Mole video … my family’s favorite.

(I just realized he doesn’t say his ‘famous line’ in the video, but it’s funny and essentially safe for work … )

Moving on.  Here’s a photo of this week’s studio learning – thanks to a recent Glass Patterns Quarterly/T.Viet class.  These are some of my test trials, and I plan to keep playing …


And, my next project will include some trials from this book.  Thank you L.Beckéus …


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