What a week!

And it’s only Wednesday … Oy Vay!  Woke up from my ‘nap’ on Monday to find my main/house computer dying.  So, I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix it, before accepting probable death and sending it off to the repair store to (hopefully) retrieve several years worth of documents, contacts and photos … DOH!  [Lesson learned: backing info up only helps if you routinely, ACTUALLY do BACK IT UP …]

Little Sis and I got new hairdos, with her being bold and kind, whacking off ~12-14 inches to donate.  Her new do is cute and sassy, and will take me a bit to get used to …

We lost power last night due to the high winds … So when I finally made it out to the studio today, I discovered the non-functioning monitor to the studio computer – fried from the power surge … Grrr!

I have two kilns running now, as my coffin load waits for a few more items before starting it’s slumping firing … Here’s my poppy plate with reverse painted edges … Hmmm.  And, I decided to try another stamp painting – this one on papyros.  I hope to fire it tomorrow, maybe … we’ll see.


flower-stamp-plate   papyros-stamp

Lots to do before the weekend.  The good news – one of those things is bottling another 3 cases of wine.  Oh YEAH!  I am ready for some wine!


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Waiting … and playing

While I wait for my production kiln to ‘spit out’ the last paintings, I’m playing with night lights, finger bowls, spoon rests and tapestry.  I am loving my studio!  I want to make more and more and more …


Crap! … I have work coming up (Dog-gone it!…).  But, DH had us down in Detroit earlier this week, at some Federal building – very, VERY early in the A.M. (– I still feel crummy from it), and now he says we have new passports.  (I’m pretty sure that’s good!)  And, through it all, I have incredibly cute puppies!  So, now I have to work.  Time to change hats for another weekend of ER nursing fun!  (Did I mention we have REALLY cute puppies?!?)


6-wk-Neo-pup   mahogany-girl-6-wks

Tapestry fun:


And, more …

happy-colors  because-I-could

I am also loving how my bird bowl fired … So, now I’ll have a coffin load for slumping coming up too.  Yep, luv my studio!


Just waiting to play now …

beach paradise

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First time this year …

20160128_193312_resizedI finally have all three kilns running!  Spoon rests, night lights, bowls/plates galore!

And, I did a little painting tonight.  We’ll see what the kiln gods think … but I like what I have started.  I didn’t care for the diluted bubbles the necessary shims made in my last attempt, so now I’ve added a whole bunch, to make it look like it’s a part of the design … Maybe … I hope … We’ll see …


I have something else I want to try for this flower plate, but for now she’s waiting for her turn in the kiln.


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Surrounded by my family …

How could it be bad?  Did I pull off ‘Martha Stewart’?  Maybe … in moments … doesn’t matter!  We had a great celebration and I love these people!


Merry Christmas 2015.  Happy 49th Birthday to DH … Bring on Jamaica, 2016!

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Home Stretcchhh …

Whew, praise Jesus!  We are all gonna make it!  I could gripe about the trauma and drama involved with keeping one spousal unit and two teenage kids on task; or describe the frantic knitting and then felting escapade (had to wash those slippers FIVE times to finally get them the same and correct size!); or even the madness marathon with my color laser printer/Windows 10/and one evil and completely unhelpful Staples employee – that eventually ended in my successful ability to outmaneuver printer settings – but it was total touch and go there for hours!

Nope … not getting into it!  Instead – I will show you the 3 (that’s right, count them THREE!) custom cabochons for badge reels of the adorable Miss Lucy {Yorkie}, which are currently finishing off a fire polish round in the kiln.

custom image glass

I just have some final gifts to wrap, a cake to bake and a couple of counters to scrub, with almost 18 hours to spare.  HAHAHAHAHAAAA!  I win.  And, I am getting entirely too old for this sh*t!  [But, everyone gets a bit of hand-made me for Christmas … heavy sigh!]

Thank goodness for puppy breath, as these adorable faces saved my sanity throughout the week!

mah female 5 wks5 wk old pup

Enjoy your Friday everyone … I know I will!  Oh yeah – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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OMGosh–Why do I do this to myself?

size-30-slipperJeeze Louise!  I’m nuts!  [I KNOW!!!]  But still … We’re less than a week out from Christmas II, and I’ve got so much to do!  It’s okay.  Deep breath.  We’ll get there.  So, while we are keeping up with two high school seniors (Oy Vay!), 4 week old puppies (soo cute!), our four-legged gang, and Mom’s Kitchen … I attended ANOTHER mandatory weekday work class [Grrrr!], DH is repainting parts of the house [Why NOW, honey?  Cuz it needs doing … OK!], and I’mdouble-knit-scarf frantically knitting (x2), beading, chain-mailing, dye-subbing and ‘glassing’.  Oh, and internet shopping.  It’s all good.  I still have 6 more days before the next deadline …

But, here’s my knitting:  One of Grandpa’s (ginormous, waiting to be felted) slippers.  The fact that I RAN OUT of black wool, and I’m waiting for the package to arrive so I can finish the second slipper … well, it can’t be helped – so I’m not going to stress it.  And, my Dad’s scarf – okay, that picture was from yesterday, and I’ve successfully double knitted through the end pattern (so there are two storm troopers in between some 3+ feet of scarf now) … I’m 15 rows and fringe-on-both-ends away from being done!

Just need a few more items to arrive via USPS, UPS and Fed-Ex; a bit of quality time with my printers;  a solid block in the studio; maybe a cooperative weekend in the ER … and I’m golden!

No, wait!  I’m golden anyway (or soon will be) … The tickets are purchased – and ‘Paradise’ is on the menu!  Yep – that’s why I do this!


(In between all the mad-hatter-ness – I have received a Christmas present from me:  A new work jacket – here’s a photo of the back … I like it!)


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Still No Studio Time …

But – I have a bedroom, and a BED!!!  And, a new desk for our bedroom ~ gotta love Craigslist!  (The desk is on the ‘sitting room’ side of our room, and not yet ready for pictures … but it’s coming along.  A few more days, and I should have a living room, dining room and entryway again, too!  SWEET!)



While I’m not in love with the comforter, I can live with it for a bit.  I keep telling DH we’re getting in touch with our ‘Greek’ side (~it’s SO GOLD!!!) … Anyway.  In between moving all that stuff, cleaning and rearranging, I’ve been knitting.  Here’s the ‘Market Tote’ – so far; And, my double knitting.  It will be a scarf, complete with storm troopers, someday …


double-knitting-scarf-proje  double-knit-stormtrooper

I’ll leave with a quick pic of one of our pups, three weeks old today and getting cuter by the minute!  Since they’re all sleeping now,  I think I will too – cuz I have a bed again!  Winking smile  G’night y’all!


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