So, yeah … we tried it:

Cheeseburger soup – in the crockpot.  Umm, with the Velveeta ‘cheese’ … Call it comfort food for our weekend’s hard work:


If you’re feeling hypotensive, it will surely bring your blood pressure up.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t play with the recipe again (minus the Velveeta/salt-lick)…  I like comfort food as much as the next full-figured gal, but – WOW was this crazy salty (and SO did NOT need the crumbled bacon garnish)!

salt lick

Now to clean up this studio and plan for some SALAD menus …

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Bad weather, good day …

We had a fairly impressive snowstorm today, the first of the season … during our show.  That was kind of a bummer, and made for a chillier than usual green house.  But, we still had a good day at Arts & Greens 2015.  Here’s our booth:


We also brought Gus with us.  He was a hit, and such a good boy!  I think we tuckered him out with all of the excitement.  Here’s a quick pic of him napping on my lap, staying warm:


I’ll be bringing a few ‘fresh-from-the-kiln’ pieces, so come on out and see us at Bogie Lake Greenhouse tomorrow …

thinfire-stencil-slumped tapestry-bowlgrinch-spoon-rest embossed-thinfire-slumpedpalm-tree-plate paw-bowl

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With Mama in her kerchief, and I in my cap …

batman-nite-liteYep, we’re loaded and ready to go.  So, sure – I’ve got two kilns running with ‘last minute’ glass … DH spent the day loading our trailer, checkin’ the tires and telling me to quit ‘making stuff’!  (Umm … Never!!!)  But, look at what we made! 

So, later today, while we set up our home-away-from-home spot (kind of like camping) for the next 3 days … my kilns will be working.  Right now, I’m  moving these along for the next round and have this tile slumping … and … [Fingers crossed!]

coffin-load-11-20-15    embossed-glass-glo-thinfire

Stop by and say ‘Hi!’ if you’re in the neighborhood this weekend

arts greens 2015

Oh, and – don’t forget Granny!  Winking smile

beverly hillbillies

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T-3 … still moving!

And feeling good.  Just waiting for my coffin load to cool to the point of touching … (145 degrees right now).  They didn’t all work out, but … I can work with this.


In the meantime, we have a handful of cabochons that I like; And, I love my Olafs:

11-15-cab-2 11-15-cab-1 olaf-face-ornaments

I’ll slump the bowls tomorrow, and sandblast the yellow/black pieces from my last post  for more ornaments and night lights (which are cooking in the production kiln now).  Tonight, I am packaging up ornaments … Tick-tock – it’s all good!


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Still prepping …

With 3 days to go before our show, I’m still playing with new ideas.  I’ll get these in the kiln tonight, and should still have time to get everything slumped, packed and ready to roll.  [Famous last words???]  But, wow – I like them!



All three kilns running tonight (as I finally have the coffin kiln FULL).  I love that!!! Winking smile  Hope I get to finish these before the weekend … fingers crossed!


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My first tapestry trial.  A simple design, but I like it.  So many ideas and colors to try.  Time to see what the ‘kiln gods’ do with it.  Oh, and go work in the ER …


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I still have 7 days …

before our show.  So, ya know, not panicking … I’m too busy making, making and playing!  Will I get it all done?  NOPE!  It’s ok!

Here’s what we’ve got:

I’ve started a tapestry trial; My crackle bowl with color reactions; I made my own mylar stencils, as I was getting frustrated with powder wafers.  (Had to run it through my plotter 5 times! But, I got it!!!)  So now I have a few TMNT ornaments to fire …

tapesty-trial  crackle-bowl 

my-mylar-stencil   tmnt-ornaments-compromise

And, DH has been playing, too.  His take on embossed thinfire (he painted both sides!)and new torch cabs …

dh-embossing-trial torch-play

When I need a break, I work on a chain maille bracelet – niobium wire in a barrel weave pattern.  No time to panic!  Winking smile  Next up – a bit of weekend ER nursing fun …


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