Wet Room … and THANK YOU!

But first, my scenic cabs.  It takes 5 firings to move these bad boys from start to finish.  And, while I learned some skills and like a few of them, these just aren’t my cup of tea, overall … So, I’m not sure when I’ll revisit the technique.  I will re-fire a few of them, though, as I mixed and matched decal suppliers (different temperatures) – like the ‘I love you to the moon and back’ cab.  Anyway, here they are:

scabs   love2moon

studio-showerAnd, presenting my new studio wet room:  It’s not new, actually.  It is what one does with an existing shower in a glass studio that has problems with sulfur-smelling water (… Ummm, when said studio HAS running water) … There is no known hair conditioner that would out-stink an actual shower in it; DH claims I would have to give up 16-24 square foot of precious studio floor space to provide the rotten-egg-odor cure (water softener) … so, it has been sitting, useless.  Until now.  Here’s my wet-saw in her new home.  I need to get a quality blade for it before I can USE it – and running water would be a plus … But, she sure is pretty in there, right?  Smile


WWU:  I spent a few hours with a WW2 vet.  He is pleasantly confused, and events from many decades ago are so fresh in his memories.  His body is slowly breaking, but he doesn’t moan, complain or even appear to mind.  He shared some (active combat) stories about that war … and I was reminded how grateful I am for people like him (our soldiers).  So, thank you to our troops, both current and past!  [I am also glad I was able to meet him, and provide the nursing care and dignity our senior patients deserve …]


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Staying warm and slowly producing …

Not much to report on this week in the studio, but I am moving a few pieces along …

making-water-Michigan-winteCustom request dichroic badge reels are a tad trickier to create without running water.  Fortunately, I’m married to a handy guy who keeps lots of buckets around – and I’m surrounded by snow.  So, the outdoors is coming in, one pail at a time to sit by the heat and ‘make water’ … I’d say I feel a bit like a ‘pioneer woman’, but that’s a touch too whiny – even for me.  (BTW, DH did fix the busted pipes, it’s just that the next-level freeze hit below ground too, so there won’t be any working plumbing in the studio until the Michigan earth thaws …)  Anyway, my dichro cabs after acid-etching:

dichro-cabs-2-15   tropical-dreamin

And, a handful of my scenic cabs have been ground and are ready for kiln polishing.  I’ll fire a decal into them eventually, but in the meantime, I’m making a few more.

scenic-cabs-2-15   layered-cabs-2-15

I tell myself now is a good time to stock up on ornaments, but … it’s too cold and I’m just not feeling it right now.  [Whine!]

Speaking of which, my 30-bottle batch of wine is percolating nicely, and ready for the next step later today (slowing the fermentation process by removing the lees and racking the bucket into the carboy).  I’m making a red wine batch, and I think I’ll get a white going as well … or maybe a sangria … Hmmm, gotta stay warm somehow – and moving 6 gallons of wine around between the storage area and basement kitchen does that! Winking smilesecondary-fermentation

WWU: Nothing noteworthy to report last weekend.  A lot of the same-‘ole/same-‘ole.  [Yep, flu season is still upon us.  Based on what I see in the ER each weekend, you’d think folks had never lived through a few episodes of vomiting before … Time to mentally prepare for this coming nursing tour … Whine?!?]

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More good, bad and ugly …

The WWU post I had in mind for this week has been overshadowed by the very cold events of Tuesday …

But first … the good:  The stairway leading to my studio is now complete.  Carpet, paint and the wall of shame (along with some pretty items) …


And, Tuesday afternoon I made a new batch of candles in yummy scents.  It’s that time of year, and it had the house smelling winter cozy with Butterscotch, Crème Brulee, Mocha Cappuccino, Calypso, Raspberry Sangria and Coconut Lime Cooler …


All while disaster was striking in my beloved studio … because – IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!!!  Aarrgh!

The pipes froze out in the studio.  That’s not new.  I know how to handle that.  But when we had those few measly hours of ‘warm’ weather on Tuesday … the cold water pipe that leads to my studio bathroom (toilet) completely blew! 

When DH and I headed to the studio Tuesday evening, we were greeted with 2-3 inches of standing water in multiple areas of the studio.  While I don’t have photos of the mini lake we had created on the upper floor of his barn (12 feet in the air) … I do have pictures of some of the aftermath/clean-up.

We removed some 15+ gallons of water (thank you wet/dry vac), and I’m slowly getting her up and running again … minus any working plumbing/bath facilities.  We’re not going to talk about the gallons of damage to DH’s automotive and carpentry tools in the ‘man cave’ … Oh, Michigan Winters – how I love thee!!!

toilet  packing-room  studio-2-15

studio2 2-15

On the plus side, it can all be repaired/salvaged and or replaced (… additionally, the new carpet/stairs did not suffer any water damage).  AND – I have several cases of wine I have now been inspired to make!  Thank you Wine Expert!


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(WWU) Because not everyone reads the rule book …

We got to actually save a life this past weekend.  He was much too young and totally didn’t understand that his heart was NOT supposed to do THAT!  But it’s all good now, and our team did what was needed.  Pretty cool stuff!


girl-aging-cycleAnd, I had dinner with the (grade school) girls this week.  Always a good time, and amazing to see how our three lives move along on similar but different paths as we grow and … age.  Smile

cooking-the-booksWe (DH and I) are jump-starting on our taxes this year, as we pushed that procrastination envelope just a bit too far for my liking last year.  So, in between fun in the studio, playing with pooches and family time – we’re  “cooking the books” … in the legal sense.

Here’s what cooking in the studio:  Store listings, making some fun jewelry bits and playing with a DVD jewelry technique …

new-2015-night-lights    playing-with-frits

donut-necklaces    TV-scenic-layering

I’ll wrap these up and decide what project comes next, while we roll into this next ER nursing weekend … who else hasn’t read the rule book?


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Productive … and Leery

So far it’s been a good week in the studio.  I finally have all 25 spoon rests completed!  Yep, 19 one-of-a-kind colorful and 6 repeat designs (flowers) … So, now I need to photograph, aargh – my favorite!  [Ummm, here are the first 9 red OOAK colors …]


We’re also playing … Busted out the airbrush.  After a rocky start, I kind of love it!

airbrush-trials   feb-nite-lites


And we’re at stage 3 for dichro cabs.  Just one (or two) more firings! (Photos to come)

Oh, and night lights … owls, rainbows and more.  Add to all the flight-of-ideas madness, and we have a couple Sponge Bob trials … cuz I can. 

2-15-future-nite-lites     sponge-bob

And, finally a bowl project moving along … very close to completion!

back-of-bowl   crazy-bowl-idea   bowl-almost-done

All while watching that crazy new (full} moon get bigger.  All I can say is this:  I can’t IMAGINE this coming weekend getting any nuttier than the last … but I’m sure the universe (and my COUNTY) will prove me wrong.  Hang on folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride …

full moon crazy ride

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I had a post …

All ready to go, heavy on the WWU, but … I’ll talk about what’s going on in my studio instead:  Spoon rests, owls and renovating … Oh my! 

I’m wrapping up my spoon rests!  12 down and 13 more to go!  But here’s a pic of the first 7, done and now ready for in-depth photography:

spoon rests 1-28

dichro cabs 1-27owlsA co-worker had a special request for an owl … so I made some owl sun-catcher/ornaments.  I’m even working on a few night lights (to come):

I also had a request for a special badge reel (speech language pathology), so I ran with it … along with a few additional new designs.  I’m waiting for the kiln to cool down now, but here’s a quick pic of step one:

And … DH is being a  sweetie!  My studio is on the second floor of his ‘man cave’.  And, while the studio herself has been finished for the last few years, the stairs leading to my HAVEN have been in rough (bare-naked-stud walls) shape FOREVER!  Not any more … Drywall and paint are done(!), with carpet and decor coming soon (HALL of Shame, here we go!)!

studio stairs 1-28

To wrap up my ‘off-week’, we’re getting ready for Christmas II (celebrations with my dad’s family): So … massive cleaning abounds; the elves are wrapping gifts; and the menu for the event include Bacon-&-herb-wrapped turkey, apple whiskey stuffing, mashed potatoes with homemade gravy (- Oh yeah … totally THANKSGIVING revisited!), parmesan-spinach biscuit wraps (this recipe – with parmesan cheese added … umm, just because!), hanky-pankies (a Grandma T recipe), swirled chocolate cream cheese dessert bites and Mexican fruit cake.

After our family PARTAY, and a fun-filled weekend of ER Nursing adventures … the next studio trials include new (Fusion Headquarters) enamel experiments, air-brushing escapades, a mesh-melt bowl and a few more trials with sand-blasting … Oh – and maybe a bit more with chainmail.  More to come …

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Studio work, and …

Instant access to the internet!  Oh, but I love it … Where else can you catch a movie (Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.  Thank you, Netflix!), while surfing for new project ideas, more ‘self-taught’ learning, and trivia facts/decorating ideas/etc. … 

But first – my kilns are cooking:  Stage 3 of my batch of spoon rests, and future night lights (enamel stenciling to come) …


future-batman-nightlight        sugar-skull-night-light

I’ve played a bit, too, with a couple of the ‘cast-a-cab’ molds – but not with great success:


And, I continue puttering with chainmail:  REALLY small bracelet bits (Elemental Cuff chainmail) that I’m struggling with, along with a few completed Half Persian 3-1 stretchy bracelets …

really-small-chainmail     half-persian-stretchy-brace

All while doing more research/gearing up to re-visit/play with techniques to stencil, screen print AND airbrush  (new for me) on glass!

So, we won’t get into the trivia facts (although – pips, amygdalin, Laetrile, B17 and bowel cancer/Alzheimer’s treatments were some of the research words discovered today … all because of a bad reality show I watched for a few minutes …).  We also won’t talk about (nurse) work this past weekend.  I’ll just leave you with this cute ‘sign’ I may purchase to donate to the E.R.’s break room décor … Winking smile

crazy to work here

PS – my youngest son (my ‘baby’ – by 3 whole minutes!) got his first job this week.  He’s thrilled, and I’ve decided to throw any ideas about ‘New Year’ weight loss out the window.  Umm – he’s working at a local Coney Island restaurant … YUM!!!

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